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Best Stunt Food That Actually Tastes Good


More often than not, stunt foods test the limits of edibility while relegating taste to the backseat. Not so at Danny Meyer’s Blue Smoke, where Jean-Paul Bourgeois has constructed an over-the-top morning recipe that’s defiantly harmonious despite its riot of strong competing flavors. To build the “bright-eyed breakfast sandwich,” the Louisiana-born chef starts by frying up a pair of doughnuts made from biscuit dough, coating them in honey, and seasoning them. To this sticky canvas he layers on a thick coat of pimento cheese, a runny fried egg, and spicy fried chicken, which gets its kick from powdered hot sauce. What might be an overwhelming gut-bomb is instead a party of textures and tastes, alternating between salt, sweetness, crunch, fat, and heat. The $16 creation pushes the boundaries of indulgence (as stunt foods should) while maintaining a clear identity that’s representative of the restaurant’s modern take on Southern cooking. And unlike some other stunt foods, you won’t have to wait in a block-long line or fight the Instagram hordes to try it. 

116 East 27th Street, Manhattan