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Best Way to Kill Two Hours in Midtown


Sometimes, even in a city as magical as New York, you can draw a blank on how to kill a couple of hours — other than the dull dawdle of a bar or coffee shop. Solution? Exploring some of the Big Apple’s literal magic will stave off the usual — unless demonstrations of “artful dodging” and browsing through “Latex Living Doves” or “Fantasma’s Psychic Deck With 25 Routines” are your usual. Plus, the fine Fantasma folks can also aid you in “how to become a mentalist.” Also, less crowded and cooler than the Met is Fantasma’s Houdini Museum, where you will “see the Master’s secrets revealed. Houdini’s locks, keys, and picks, his illusions, archival footage, ephemera, posters, his journals, and scarce collectibles.” Admission is free, and you get an animatronic Houdini escaping from a straitjacket. A bargain at twice the price! It’s great for gifts, gags, lessons, kids, and adults, and, they promise, “inspires you to be amazing.” If you still need booze after all that (or because of that) keep in the theme (but not in the family) and materialize at the noir-vibe bar the Magician on Rivington, where $20 will magically disappear from your pocket after a couple of (cash-only) drinks. 

421 Seventh Avenue, Suite 3, Manhattan