Hell Yeah: The Astor Cube Is Back!


The Astor Place cube (Alamo) is back in its rightful home on Astor Place. Can you believe it’s been gone two years? Children have been born and learned to do yoga; brokers have coined entire new neighborhoods. FroYo shops have come and gone and come again. Bill de Blasio is…still here. Anyway, the cube!

Workers were seen reinstalling the sculpture in Alamo Plaza around 2 p.m. (Bedford + Bowery has a VERY thorough play-by-play). There was reportedly a “smattering of applause” when it was finally affixed on its spindle, probably because no one ever thought we’d see the 49-year-old Tony Rosenthal creation again: It was originally supposed to be brought back from restoration in New Jersey in June, then it was August, then we were just like “forget it, it’s New Jersey’s now.” So this is a nice surprise.

“DDC’s project in the Astor Place area includes the reconstructions of Cooper Triangle and Peter Cooper Park, the construction of Alamo Plaza and Village Plaza, and of course the conservation of the Alamo Cube,” Daniel Leibel, a spokesperson for the Department of Design and Construction, told the Voice.

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