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How Entrepreneur Emery Holmes Reached Success Despite Being A College Dropout

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Society often dictates that graduating college is essential to be successful in life.. Although that may be true to some, it is not always true for everyone, such as with Emery Holmes, a college dropout who is now a successful entrepreneur who makes up to seven figures with his business.

Most students around the world are pressured to work towards receiving a college degree because it will be their ticket to success. This is not how Emery’s fate turned out. Despite having to deal with the hurdles of being a college dropout, Emery pushed his goals and dreams and ended up being a brilliant entrepreneur and mentor. He even teaches individuals the habits he has learned over the years that made him a successful businessman.

The Habits That Emery Holmes Developed

To achieve the goals that a person has in mind, they should first develop healthy habits that will help them work towards their objectives. Emery Holmes shared some of his practices that became his stepping stones in reaching the top.

Practice mindful activities

Dropping out of college is never easy because of the overwhelming fear that follows, especially the comments that come from the people around you. Nevertheless, Emery pushed through the challenges and pursued his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Like all endeavors, he knew that any industry could sometimes cause tremendous stress and mental fatigue.

Upon realizing this, Emery discovered the power of being mindful. As a mentor, he suggests that it is crucial to take a break once in a while and practice mindful activities to remain mentally balanced. He said that these pursuits could help to clear the head of unnecessary thoughts, giving the brain time to fully rest and recover.

Putting in 110% of the effort

Being a college dropout is difficult, but this taught Emery that achieving success is not about a person’s background. It will always depend on the person’s ability to give 110% effort, and that is what he is currently doing in running ads.

His college roommate taught him how to run ads on social media and Google. Since that time, Emery worked day and night to complete a 3-minute-video and make it a success. He always said that victory could only be obtained by consistent and diligent work and energy to accomplish whatever a person is passionate about.

Giving back to the community

As both a successful entrepreneur and a mentor, Emery is dedicated to giving back to the community by sharing the knowledge he acquired over the years. He wants to teach individuals, especially young people, several techniques to earn an income by taking advantage of the global market. Sure, traditional methods are functional, but imparting wisdom about trading to these youngsters can help them make profits.

Emery is all about growth, and he claims that he never stops growing and learning. He lets fate take hold of the reigns and embraces changes that come his way. If he would ever give some advice to someone aspiring to follow his path, it is this: never worry about what anybody will says because having doubters is inevitable. The important thing is to look ahead and focus on the goals that are yet to be achieved.

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