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Gabriel Maia Produces Great Photos While Traveling With His Daughter

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A professional environmental portrait photographer, Gabriel Maia is able to capture and produce stunning photos while bonding with his daughter as they travel the world. A quick look at his photography portfolio shows his unique approach and style and reveals what he sees through the lens. Together with his daughter, Gabriel travels across the world, highlighting exotic landscapes and places through stunning photos.

Gabriel enjoys exploring different places and capturing the most captivating scenes around him. With his daughter by his side and a camera in hand, he is able to create memorable shots as they journey across various continents.

A Beautiful Father and Daughter Bond to Create Art

It is hard to discuss Gabriel’s professional career as a photographer without mentioning his daughter, Rosiane, who also began taking an interest in photography. Thanks to her experience as a model, she played a key role in Gabriel’s photography. When not working as a model, she works with her father and helps him in capturing stunning photos.

Gabriel has been to many countries around the world including Zimbabwe, Mexico, Myanmar, Jordan, Israel, the USA, and Iceland. As travelers, he and his daughter enjoy being immersed in other cultures, which helps them capture raw experiences and rare moments through their lens.

His works featured in an industry-leading magazine

Eventually, this father-daughter duo began collaborating on photography art, which resulted in their works being featured in Vogue Italia. Getting into the popular magazine known for its high standards is an incredible opportunity for Gabriel to showcase his work and prove his skills and exceptional talent.

They needed to create a portfolio, which led them to travel to Indonesia. It had everything they needed to produce amazing photos. From its impressive, expansive landscapes and striking landforms to traditional villages and bustling cities, the country offered everything for beautiful photography. The cultural experience and natural beauty allowed them to create an extensive collection of photographs to be featured in the magazine.

Since Vogue Italia had been known for its strict selection procedure, Gabriel and his daughter worked hard to make it through the final selection. It was an exhilarating feeling for them after realizing that their work was selected and featured in Vogue Italia.

From a passionate newbie to an experienced professional

Gabriel was born in Brazil, and ever since he was young, he realized he had a desire for photography. Armed with the passion and willingness to learn this art, he bought his first camera, which was considered the most expensive and advanced camera during his time.

He started by capturing nature, going to places like parks, and taking his camera to football games. As technology advanced, he fully immersed himself in the world of digital photography.

Gabriel enjoys shooting outdoors, which allows him to capture nature’s real beauty. Through his environmental portraits, he wants to bring out the beauty of the landscape that viewers can appreciate. He plans on traveling to more destinations along with his daughter to capture more amazing photos that photography lovers around the world can enjoy.


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