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Meet Michael Drager aka Draco, The Rising Social Media Mogul


Numerous modeling agencies nowadays rely on social media, from recruiting to promoting talents. One of the most renowned startup companies in the modeling industry is Draco Enterprises. In just a year the agency has already recruited top models, risen to fame, and made millions. This production company started with Michael Drager, an influential Instagram personality.

Michael, who most identify as Draco, has always been gifted with a good insight when it comes to determining who has the potential in the modeling industry. He made use of his skills by becoming a talent manager and starting Draco Enterprises. Fast forward to today, his company is now home to some of the hottest rising stars in the modeling industry.

Draco grew up in Chicago and has been exposed to the entertainment industry even before launching his career. He observed firsthand how the industry worked and what factors could lead him to success. His experience significantly influenced him to create his own legacy by leading talents to stardom.

He started his journey by building his own brand on Instagram. It was a small beginning but it has proven to be a wise decision as he now has hundreds of thousands of followers on the platform. With his increase in reputation came his confidence in creating his own production company, Draco Enterprises.

However, boosting his reputation on social media is just among many of the early steps in his plan. He’s using his influence to work towards his goals and make his presence be felt on the mainstream entertainment media.

Draco also uses his social media influence to bring awareness to his agency and the models he recruits. Seeing how much success his top models are now enjoying proves that his strategy has been effective. Specifically, the agency is currently generating six figures monthly and has observed a steady rise in social media.

Various companies in the modeling industry have now come to know about Draco Enterprises. Not many expected such immense success from a young entrepreneur and social media influencer with a new agency. However, those who are well-aware of Michael’s skills in predicting trends, identifying potential, and managing and marketing models know that there’s nothing but more success awaiting him.

He’s only starting, and his influence will only continue to grow as time passes. Regardless of how much effort it will take before he can finally reach all his objectives, he won’t give up on his goals and persist till the end. He can see the bright future ahead of him and for the models under Draco Enterprises. Therefore, he’s not giving up until he has reached the top.

This rising social media mogul wisely uses his reputation to benefit his production company. If not for his impressive skills in handling and advertising talents, many of the top models now might not even be working in the industry. Michael is only having an impact on the online platforms for now, but people will definitely see Draco Enterprises make it to mainstream media soon.