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How Shawn Meaike is Changing Lives With Family First Life


Millions of people embark on their careers with the dream to help others. This is a dream that entrepreneur Shawn Meaike was able to achieve. With the goal of building a company that many families can benefit from, Shawn Meaike launched Family First Life (FFL) in 2013. FFL is an independent marketing organization that provides life insurance to its clients. For years now, the company has brought change and security to thousands of people nationwide, including their own agents.

Besides being the founder, Shawn is also the current president of FFL. Before pursuing a career in the life insurance industry, he was a social worker. That was until he felt the desire to help even more people nationwide. More about Shawn’s life and career can be found on his social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Through FFL, Shawn was able to reach his goal of lending a helping hand to more families. He built the company while giving importance to the values that he wanted to set. This was to consider the families of both the agents and clients as their priorities. FFL is all about changing people’s lives for the better, and bringing them what they deserve.

Families that are experiencing a loss can benefit from the protection that FFL provides.  The loved ones that the deceased has left in the world still deserve protection after their passing. This independent marketing organization aids families with their life insurance. It allows the dependents upon the death of the insured client to be provided with monetary benefits and be alleviated from financial loss.

Aside from life insurance, FFL also helps its clients with retirement planning and protection needs. It’s to ensure that retirees and their family can sustain their lifestyle even when they have already stopped working. That being said, FFL has helped more people beyond just their clients.

Even from the earlier days of FFL, Shawn has always emphasized valuing the agents and the money they get from their hard work. For this reason, the company to provide training to the agents to succeed in their chosen profession in the insurance industry. It’s FFL’s way of helping them provide a living, not only for themselves but their families as well.

The sales training at FFL is offered for free to its agents by experts who have years of experience in the field. They share what should be done in certain circumstances, what qualities they should possess, and what skills they should build. They also have a solid compensation plan because, in FFL, they believe that all agents deserve to be paid what they are worth.

If there’s one thing that FFL never fails to emphasize to the agents, it is that hard work will determine the end results. As an entrepreneur, Shawn learned this lesson on his own, and hopes to instill it in his agents. FFL provides their employees with the tools they need, whether it’s knowledge, training, or even empowerment. However, the agents themselves have to be the ones to pour effort and dedication into their tasks if they want to achieve success.