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Custom made jewellery for every occasion- Haimov Jeweler’s provides one-of-a-kind services for jewellery enthusiasts


Located in the heart of Miami there is one jewellery shop that shines bright in the hearts of its shoppers. With the biggest showroom in the Miami diamond district, Haimov Jewelers has been providing world-class jewellery for its customers since 1989. What’s more, their designs are entirely customizable, while still maintaining the affordability quotient. As its owner Igal Haimov claims, the shop runs on the motto “If you can dream it, we can create it”. Haimov Jewellers provides statement pieces for many top celebrities and A-list athletes such as Kim K, Lebron James, Paris Hilton and maintains a reservation-only rule so that even you can feel like a celebrity.

Igal Haimov did not always have such a luxurious lifestyle. When he was growing up Haimov lived a life of relative poverty as his father was only a taxi driver. Their family often had financial struggles, which only pushed Haimov to do something bigger and better when he grew up. Now, he has come a long way since his early years and can provide a better life for his children. However, this does not mean that Haimov resented his father, in fact, his father was one of his biggest influences growing up. Although the man did not have much money to provide for his son’s upbringing and his designing dreams, he provided something much more valuable. Haimov’s father taught him to be a good person first and foremost; the life lessons he taught have made a lasting impression on Igal Haimov and have made him the charismatic and witty man that he is today. Haimov wishes that he can also be a person of influence and someone whom his children and other near and dear ones can rely upon.

Haimov realises that the jewellery industry can be an especially competitive one. People who are keen upon accessorizing and know what real quality of jewellery can be expected from the market are Igal Haimov’s first and foremost priority in his client base. He believes that if he can win over their trust then the game is already his. And Haimov has been actually capable of succeeding in this goal of his- where many other small-scale and upcoming jewellery businesses struggle to find their market, Haimov Jewellers has already established their presence.

This is because the business under Haimov’s personal leadership has always given importance to quality over quantity. It has never been about the number of orders they fulfil. Instead, Haimov Jewellers focuses completely on their clients’ needs and the vision that they see for their jewellery; Haimov Jewellers will always try to fulfil that vision by hook or by crook. This dedication to originality and quality of the final product is what has helped them overcome the problems that any other brand would have to face in their initial days.

Presently, in the face of global demand, Haimov Jewellers wishes to open showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and the likes. They will also be bringing back their line of Facebook watches and have plans to create a clothing line to represent the brand. Follow Haimov Jewellers on their social media handles at: