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J Scott Scheel, Real Estate Mogul, is on a Mission to Empower Aspiring Business Professionals


J. Scott Scheel is at the top of America’s real estate industry. Scheel has established himself as one of the greatest moguls in the industry as a business leader, investor, and educator. He is a renowned speaker with vast experience in the commercial real estate space. Scheel is the founder and owner of the Commercial Academy, the first-ever online institution devoted to coaching and helping aspiring entrepreneurs unlock their business potential.

Scheel manages one of the largest real estate portfolios; six million square feet of commercial space spread over the United States. He is also one of the top real estate investors with over $600 million worth of property in his portfolio. His interest lies in real estate development, investment, and transportation, and he is never shy to take risks in a new venture.

A serial entrepreneur, Scheel is also actively involved in other businesses. Some of his other businesses include print and digital management, film production, development and management, commercial financing, energy resources, transport sector, medical research, digital marketing, and energy sources.

His business success has resulted in him being crowned twice as the Wall Street Journal’s Congressional Businessman of the Year. The awards are also attributed to his role as an educator devoted to coaching and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs to find their way in the business world. The Commercial Academy teaches other individuals to realize their goals by breaking through or owning a space in the commercial real estate industry. The Commercial Academy is open to everyone regardless of their background or experience levels.

As an educator and speaker, Scheel shares his business strategies and vast knowledge with others. He believes in adding value, even though he does not have a college certificate to his name. Scheel started mentoring and coaching others to succeed in real estate and make a significant income. Essentially, his hard work, passion, and guidance from his previous mentor guided him to unlocking his potential and learning what he shares today.

The now A-list investor expresses his happiness in showing thousands of students how to become better versions of themselves. His intelligence, knowledge, experience, and industry are what he gives to a generation of future business moguls. He has over 17 years of teaching and educating other individuals with no plans of slowing down any time soon.

Aside from business, Scheel is a happy family man. His family looks up to him for guidance, and he thanks them for their role in his business success. To him, family reminds him of the important role that every human being has to play. Additionally, they give him the extra motivation to keep pushing and striving for more success.

Scheel is committed to develop and invest in the real estate industry continually. It gives him immense joy and satisfaction to teach and see his students break into the industry and become exceptional investors by utilizing his proven concepts and strategies.

Diversifying his investments beyond the real estate industry will also increase his reach and perhaps open more opportunities to impact more lives.

Scheel holds that everyone can be great, and only needs some guidance to find the way to success.