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How The Multi-Talented Oren B. Segal Combines Modeling With Fashion


Being a model means showing the beauty of what you’re wearing, and fashion means expressing the charm and individuality of the wearer. When looked at from this perspective, it becomes more apparent than ever that the two concepts complement each other. Fashion isn’t just about wearing what everyone considers to look good, but also what suits the wearer best.

That’s the notion that one of the future leaders in the modeling and fashion industry, Oren B. Segal, stands for. In a society where almost everyone blindly follows what’s trending rather than what they feel comfortable wearing, he’s a breath of fresh air. Rather than being considered fashionable by others because his outfit is “in,” he prefers to follow his preferences and stand out.

This mindset led Oren to develop a unique sense of style that perfectly expresses his personality, interests, and who he is as a person. He started to gain attention on Facebook and Instagram for his fashion sense, which led him to many opportunities to work as a model. Therefore, he became a freelance model, through which he gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the industry.

Oren uses what he has learned from his career to make content for his fashion blogs, which many people enjoy. This is because he doesn’t only discuss the outfits that are currently on-trend that everyone else is also talking about. Instead, he always emphasizes that you should choose clothes that suit you and your personality.

As his reputation continues to grow, Oren has decided to take his career to the next level by establishing a personal brand. Using his fashion sense and social media presence, he has been able to make his mark as an influencer and icon. Oren has revolutionized style and made people see that being unique is a strength. His point is that fashion means expressing individuality, not conforming to society’s standards, and being what you’re not.

Regrettably, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and his brand faced many challenges. As a business that’s still in its early stages at that time, the circumstances were definitely against him. However, he didn’t let it stop him from pursuing his love for fashion and having a positive outlook.

In fact, when asked about where he anticipates his brand will be in the next few years, he declared that it will one day be a household name. He hopes to bring his brand to the top of the industry and work with the designers, modeling agencies, and photographers currently dominating the fashion scene. There’s still a long journey ahead of him, and he plans to do his best every step of the way.

Oren capitalizes on being a model and showing his individuality. He’s also encouraging others to do the same through his brand. He wants to show others that having a distinctive style makes a person fashionable and not following the crowd. He is concentrating on his modeling career and love for fashion to make an impact on the industry and the rest of the world.

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