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Brother Dr. Ben X AKA Benquan Petty Teams Up With Bridging Wealth Opportunities to Help Financially Educate Minorities


Our world has been growing at an incredibly fast and exponential rate. Keeping up with these demands can often leave people confused or disoriented. Being able to enter the financial sector can be challenging on its own, especially if you don’t have prior training. This is one of the main reasons a lot of people’s businesses don’t work out.

These are some of the factors that were identified by Benquan Petty, better known as Brother Dr. Ben X. Brother Dr. Ben X had a few experiences in his life that led him to join the path of helping people, especially minorities in America, achieve education and financial awareness to start their own businesses. This did not, however, occur overnight.

Brother Dr. Ben X went to college mainly because of his interest in playing basketball. However, he never got the basketball scholarship that he was once told he would get. During his time in college, a brother from the Nation of Islam invited Brother Dr. Ben X to a group study session. This was also where he was introduced to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on YouTube.

While attending the session and the lecture, he heard the Minister say that debt was slavery. This changed Brother Ben’s perspective, and he realized many problems that were brewing in the society all around him. The next thing that Brother Dr. Ben X dropped out of college. He knew that basketball was not what he wanted to do, and he had bigger plans; he wanted to help people.

Brother Dr. Ben X joined Assets Before Splurging, an educational company, teaching people how to build, grow, maintain, and expand their businesses without relying on their banks.

They offer books, training, and courses. Their course called Digital Real Estate has been extremely popular. They build a road map for taking physical businesses and putting them online. It also teaches people how to maximize their sales. This course saw incredible growth; starting with just five students, it currently hosts over 1,100 active students.

ABS has been working for more than three years, and although Brother Dr. Ben X  is proud of the work they have done together, he sees other impacts of incredible importance too, such as his focus on targeting specific people that are minorities or are usually under-represented and giving them the education and opportunities to learn about their finances.

Teaching people the importance and how-to’s of financing will not only bring a positive impact to their lives and finances but also their mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Brother Dr. Ben X, along with his close friend Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs and 2 other millionaire partners, are working with Bridging Wealth Opportunities (B.W.O.) to come together and bring these changes to life and help the people who often miss out.

Brother Dr. Ben X sees himself growing and doing more. He is currently expanding his work to include more companies in technology, media, and customer service. He sees the next five years to be full of incredible work building his legacy and doing good for under-represented people and minorities.

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