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Burrel Lee Wilks, Mayweather Fitness Co-Founder, Shares What the World-Class Facility Is About


Burrel Lee Wilks is a successful entrepreneur, author, life coach, and speaker. He is the founder and owner of the popular Burrel Streetwise located in Los Angeles. The serial entrepreneur is also a partner of Diamond Development, a thriving property development company. His influence is widely recognized in Strategies for Millionaire Magnetism, a program he created and trademarked, and through which he is empowering people to find their purpose in life. Burrel’s business ventures stretch to different industries, including entertainment, where he runs a concert promotion company. He also owns a grocery store, gas stations, furniture stores, jewelry stores, and numerous car dealerships.

The well-established entrepreneur is also part of the ground-breaking Mayweather Fitness and Boxing center, a project initiated by the legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. The undefeated champion is on course to actualize his dream of having a world-class fitness center that will help people worldwide realize their fitness goals. Part and parcel of the project, Burrel is the vice-chairman and co-founder of the project. Burrel himself shares a deep passion for giving back to society, with Mayweather Fitness being one of his many projects.

The former street gang member is passionate about working with Floyd’s program as it perfectly matches and suits his charity mindset. Burrel points out that Mayweather Fitness is a one-of-a-kind project that will benefit not only the people but also the entire global population. Burrel also says that the project is the first of its kind in the fitness industry, and it is going to serve as a benchmark for others.

Burrel adds that everything in the project has been tailored to fit Mayweather’s personality and character, stretching all the way to his workout routines. Ideally, Mayweather Fitness is founded on Floyd’s passion for making fitness resources available and accessible to everyone. Burrel says that Floyd holds the strong opinion that social-economic factors should not dictate one’s fitness levels. To him, every person should have access to and benefit from elite fitness resources.

It’s this principle that informed Burrel’s decision to work with Floyd. By working together alongside the input of other professionals, they have been able to develop a world-class fitness center in Southern California. Mayweather Fitness is a unique and scalable business model that encompasses an enticing franchise and affiliate return structure. It’s a well-thought-of model that is engineered to avail training programs to neighborhoods across the world. This includes accessibility even to traditionally locked-out communities.

The Mayweather-inspired fitness training programs will offer personalized experiences to children, adults, and aspiring athletes. This includes offering programs for anyone seeking to train more effectively or put their energies to productive use.

Aside from the traditional gym resources, Burrel talks of launching a mobile app and in-home virtual reality experience that will feature the champion himself, Floyd Mayweather. Burrel singles out the two to be the main set catalyst for the facility’s success, and they target to leverage on it to increase the number of people who can access the first-class training experience. According to Burrel, it is an exciting experience, as Floyd will go down in history as the first boxer to reveal his training and fitness techniques openly.

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