Sebastian Bach Reminisces Over Kiss

The solo artist and former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach told us about his Kiss experience


Sebastian Bach: Whenever someone asks me what my top concerts of all-time are, I always answer their question with “Do you mean including KISS or not including KISS?” Because to me there isn’t a more exciting or fun band to see live than KISS.

My favorite show I’ve ever gone to was August 4th, 1979 in Toronto, Ontario Canada at Maple Leaf Gardens — it was the KISS Dynasty tour. My dad carried me like a football running up the floor right into the front row for the show and I watched it on top of his shoulders.

Coincidentally, this was the very last day on the planet Earth that my mom and dad spent with me and my sister alone as a family. That’s my last memory of my family being together, that single day at that exact concert. Pretty tough to top that memory.

Brett Callwood: And below are my own memories of a Skid Row show, from a piece I wrote in 2018:

In 1992, the mighty Iron Maiden headlined the Donington Monsters of Rock festival in England. The bill also included thrash giants Slayer, shock-rockers W.A.S.P., British hard rockers Thunder and The Almighty, and an on-top-of-their-game Skid Row. It was an over-the-top, gloriously ludicrous, stinky day. Clouds of dust and tobacco floated above the denim- and leather-clad crowd as each band came and went.

One radio station was handing out promo 7-inch vinyl, which proved to be a bad move; people were biting chunks out of the edges and then throwing them around like ninja stars. And it was during Skid Row’s “Monkey Business” that I remember getting hit by one of the many bottles that were raining down around me. Warm liquid splashed my neck, and I instinctively reached up to touch it, smell it and identify it.

“Don’t do that,” said a nearby stranger. “It’s best not to know.”

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