Babak Rabiee, CEO of Sahara Protocol, Inspires Others to Follow Their Dreams


Turning your dreams into reality is hard. There are many obstacles, from lack of enough resources to start and successfully run your venture to the constant discouragement from others. These, among many other challenges, may make it seem like it is almost impossible to reach your goals, especially if you have no one to guide you. However, as well-known entrepreneur Babak Rabiee shows us, nothing is too difficult; it just depends on your approach, determination, and willingness to excel.

Challenges are part of life, and not everything will work as per your expectations, says Babak Rabiee. Even so, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. There is always the opportunity to try again, even after failure, says Babak.

When Babak first discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and purchased his first digital currency, it didn’t turn out as he had expected. Babak ended up losing all the bitcoins he had acquired, and found himself back to zero.

While it was challenging and he had no one to guide him, Babak didn’t give up. He had already decided to become a trader, and he wasn’t ready to let anything stop him. Babak notes that the experience only motivated him to work harder and to understand the crypto market better.

He wanted to learn more about this new investment and how he could use it to grow his venture and reach his goals. Babak invested his time in research, watching YouTube videos and reading books which gave him a deeper insight into cryptocurrency. A few months later, he was back into trading. However, this time Babak tried something different.

Besides buying bitcoin, Babak was also mining cryptocurrency. He had purchased multiple devices and mined over 50 cryptocurrencies which inspired him to establish Bitfar, Europe’s first large-scale mining operation. This opened more doors for Babak, and he was back on his feet in no time. Today, Babak Rabiee is a successful entrepreneur/ investor and the CEO of the leading privacy protocol ecosystem, Sahara Protocol, which is revolutionizing the crypto industry.

He says the main reason he started Sahara Protocol was to give traders a better trading option as they navigate the market. Having been in the crypto field for years, Babak noted that there was no protocol that allowed one to keep their affairs private once they converted their funds. This motivated him to launch Sahara Protocol, a privacy protocol ecosystem that enables on-platform trade between volatile and stable assets.

Babak has also recently unveiled his other project, Light bulb Man, a digital art revolution working to change the crypto and NFT market places. Light bulb Man is a place where you not only get to possess a rare object, but you also get to be part of it, says Babak Rabiee.

As Babak Rabiee thrives, he shows us that failure is only fatal if you let it. Despite failing a couple of times, Babak has not let that define him, and he has built a flourishing empire. Babak says his current goal is to expand his venture and use the Sahara Network to help many more traders. So far, Sahara Network works with approximately 30 websites.