10 Best Big Ass OnlyFans of 2022 (Big Booty OnlyFans)

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One of the greatest strengths of the OnlyFans universe is its high level of diversity. If you are looking for the biggest boobs you have ever seen, you are sure to find a page that caters to your specific taste. If you have always had the hots for your favorite teacher, or for the hot mom next door, you can live out your fantasy online by checking out the many mature older women who populate the platform.

You can even find chicks with the biggest dicks you will ever find, the kind you would be happy to sport yourself. From trans to MILF to teenage sluts, the OnlyFans universe has stars from all walks of life, but what if it is a smoky hot booty that really sets your heart afire and makes your pulse beat a little faster?

 If you love your booties big, bold and sweet enough to eat, OnlyFans has you covered, and so do we. The big ass category is always one of the most popular in the world of adult entertainment, and we thought it was high time we checked out some of the hottest and most amazing asses the internet has to offer. The world of big ass onlyfans models is wide and deep, almost as wide and deep as the alluring space between those ample globes. That made the job of choosing the best rather hard, but it was a task we were happy to take on – and we have done so on your behalf.

 In compiling our list we have scoured the web from top to bottom, picking out the best of the best – the hot ladies who are sure to get your boner moving and get you off in the most satisfying possible way. So without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 big assed beauties on the OnlyFans platform – each one guaranteed to satisfy and each one here to fulfill your inner fantasies and fulfill your wettest and wildest desires.

 Best Big Booty OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Big Ass OnlyFans Accounts of 2022

#1. Kira Noir – Hottest Big Ass Porn Star

If you want to find a gal who is good at sex, you might want to start with someone who does it for a living, and that is exactly what we have done when compiling our list of the best big ass OnlyFans girls the world has to offer. When it comes to porn, they do not get any hotter than the enduringly popular Kira Noir, and when it comes to luscious booties they do not get any more lickable than this. 

With a vast back catalog of professionally shot porn clips and explicit hard core videos, Kira Noir has been thrilling the hearts of men (and some women) since she first made the move to the OnlyFans platform. Now this ebony queen has topped our list of big assed beauties, and when you see her in action you are sure to see why she topped all the other lovely ladies in our rankings. When it comes to big booty onlyfans girls, they do not come any hotter or better than this.

 #2. Nicole Aniston – Hottest Hardcore

Some of the hot girls on the OnlyFans platform, including many with those amazingly hot and luscious asses, provide content that is less than satisfying. Those best OnlyFans entrepreneurs are content to post a few suggestive videos or sell their fans a few naughty photographs, all while holding back the truly exotic content.

Such is not the case with the great Nicole Aniston, a big assed beauty who is not afraid to let it all hang out, including her luscious and lickable backside. If you love your content hardcore and explicit, this lovely lady has exactly what you are looking for, and she is anxious to make your acquaintance. When  you see this hard core babe in action, you will understand why her body, her ass and the rest of her, made our top 10 list of the best big booty OnlyFans accounts. If you still think Jennifer is the hottest Aniston, you have clearly never seen this onlyfans big ass girl in action.

#3. Jem Wolfie — -Biggest Big Ass Bargain

Everyone loves a good bargain, including those in search of some hot hard core big ass action. If you love your asses big and your savings bigger, the amazing Jem Wolfie has exactly what you are looking for. This well named gal is as wild as her moniker, and she cannot wait for you to see her in all her sexy glory. 

If you are a fan of online porn, you may already know Jem Wolfie and her work. This big assed beauty has been steaming up computer screens and serving as jerk off material for countless men for as long as some of her fans have been online, and now it is your chance to see her in all her Only Fans hard core action. Why not sign up for a subscription to see what this lovely lady has to offer – you will not be disappointed. If you like your big ass only fans girls hot and sleek, you have clearly come to the right place.

#4. Lana Rhoades – Best Snapchat Crossover

You may know that when the OnlyFans platform first started, its creators envisioned it as simply another social media site, albeit one where content creators could benefit directly and profit from their talent through a subscription based payment model. It quickly became apparent, however, that OnlyFans would become an adult oriented site, but that does not mean that more mainstream social media platforms do not serve as a feeding ground, or that crossover talent is a rarity on the site.

Case in point is the next big assed babe on our list. Already a star on teen oriented Snapchat, Lana Rhoades made the jump to OnlyFans awhile back, and she has not regretted her decision for a moment. Content to use Snapchat for mainstream pics, Lana is happy to save her hottest content for her growing legion of OnlyFans fans and followers, and now she has earned her way to our list of top 10 big ass OnlyFans girls. Check out what she has to offer – you will be glad you did. Social media gets a bad rap sometimes, but if Snapchat can create one of the best big booty only fans girls in the world, that bad reputation may be unjustified.

#5. Samantha Ava – Most Accomplished Amateur

Some of the big ass babes on the OnlyFans platform, and on our list are bonafide porn stars, comfortable in front of the camera and happy to fuck on screen and on demand. Others are not such professionals, and these amateurs are truly a delight to watch. This is one onlyfans ass you have to see to believe.

Such is the case with the next big ass babe on our list, the lovely Samantha Ava. This amazing gal has been blessed by nature with a truly stunning booty, one you will want to lick, cuddle and otherwise enjoy. But even though Samantha is an amateur, she has created some of the most stunning, and professional, erotic content you could ever ask for. There is nothing unprofessional in the camera angles, the closeups and other other wonderful touches that will make your boner happy and leave you spent and satisfied.

#6. Shae Peach – Most Luscious Ass

If you love your asses, big, you may be anxious to lick those amazing and stunning globes. And while you cannot do that literally through the computer screen, you can get all the virtual satisfaction you could ask for when you check out the lovely and well named Shae Peach. With ass cheeks that are as sweet, as juicy and as beautiful as the fruit that bears their name, Shae Peach has a lot to offer her subscribers, and she has gained a loyal following among ass men (and women) across the globe and around the country.

 While those stunning ass cheeks may be her most prominent feature, they are clearly not the only thing Shae Peach has to offer. This stunning big assed babe has also been blessed with long and beautiful legs, and you will be thrilled when you see those legs in all their naked glory. You will be even happier when you picture those luscious legs wrapped around your waist – something you are sure to do in your more private moments. Why not make this the year you finally check out the great Shae Peach – within a few minutes you will see what all your porn loving friends have been raving about.

#7. Cherokeedass – Best Ebony Babe

The African American community is well represented on the OnlyFans platform, and some of the hottest and most lickable asses are also among the darkest and most beautiful. If you are a fan of hot ebony lasses – and asses – the well named Cherkokeedass has got all the goods – and much, much more. As the owner of the best ass on onlyfans in ebony, this lovely lady has it all going on. 

If you are looking for a darked skinned lass to fuel your fantasies, spark your desires and ultimately drain your balls, you have come to the right place. Cherokeedass has been making dreams come true, and making men satisfy their most hidden desires, ever since she set up shop on the OnlyFans site, and now you can see what all the fuss has been about. Just make this the year you sign up for a subscription to this – one of the best big ass OnlyFans accounts – you will not be left wanting and you will leave fully satisfied. 

#8. Booty & the Beast – Hottest Couple

Every one of the big assed beauties on our list will give you what you pay for – if they did not have the goods, and the booty, they would never have made our list. Some of our hotties, however, give you more than you were looking for, and such is the case with the well named Booty and the Beast. In the world of onlyfans big booty couples, this is clearly the one to watch. 

You see Booty and the Beast is the OnlyFans screen name of one of the hottest couples you will ever see, and they love to show off for the camera. From the very start you are sure to notice that Booty and the Beast are not just any couple – they are truly a couple in love – with one another, with hot erotic action and above all with fucking, sucking and everything else sexual. This couple clearly knows how to have fun, and you can have a ringside seat when you sign up for their increasingly popular page.  

#9. MADDY – Hottest Aussie Ass


Some of the asses on our list only need a single name, and such is the case with the one named MADDY. This hot gal has been heating it up on the OnlyFans platform for some time now, but she is still gaining new fans with every passing day. If you want to heat up your year and set your heart afire, you cannot go wrong with a subscription to this, arguably one of the best and hottest big ass OnlyFans accounts you will ever find.

You see the amazing MADDY hails from down under, and you will want to check out her down under when you see her get down and dirty. A lover of the abundant Australian sunshine, and those fun topless beaches, MADDY brings her tanned and toned body to the stunning videos she makes. You are sure to focus in on her ample ass, but leave some time, and some passion, for the rest of her – this hot Aussie lass does not disappoint.

#10. Saorise – Hottest Irish L(ass)

Saorise is another one of those big assed beauties who does not need a second name. With an ass that will not quit and an exotic beauty all her own, this hot Irish lass is sure to leave you breathless.

As you might expect, the lovely Saorise is a redhead – she hails from Ireland after all. You will no doubt be anxious to check out her ass – and these amazing assets are well worth your time. Even so, you should take the time to check out the rest of her as well – this hot Irish lass, and ass, clearly have it going on.


It has often been said that diversity is strength, and when it comes to big assed beauties and hot sexy babes, that saying is definitely true. Some of the hottest and best known asses on our list hail from Ireland, while others are from all the way down under. Some of the big bootied hotties in our rankings are barely out of their teens, while others are quickly entering MILF territory. But no matter how old or young they are, where they come from or how they got here, every one of the top 10 big ass OnlyFans girls we have looked at have one, OK two, great things in common.

Now that you have reviewed our list of the best big ass OnlyFans accounts, we invite you to do some exploring of your own. All you need is a steady internet connection, some privacy and some wanking time, so feel free to check these hot girls out – and add a few of your own if you like.

Whether you agree with all our rankings or wish we had included one of your favorites, we are sure you will enjoy having a look around. So sit back, relax and get ready to check out some of the biggest, best and most luscious booties the online world has to offer – you are sure to leave fully sated and deeply satisfied.

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