Meet Hanabi, The Person Behind the Generous @GiveAwayHost Twitter Account


The world changed when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Millions of people lost their jobs due to businesses closing. With everything going on, many people had to put their career goals on hold and look for alternative ways of earning money. One person who did that with much success is Hanabi, an influencer on Twitter spreading joy by one act of kindness at a time. A successful career woman before the pandemic, Hanabi’s dreams took a back seat when the world changed. Unwilling to let the doom and gloom put her down, she started exploring the digital world and saw an opportunity to improve other people’s lives.

A certified project management specialist, Hanabi worked as an operations manager for a healthcare company that offered care for cancer patients. Hanabi was scheduled to take the project management professional exams. After the lockdowns, however, the business closed, and the exams were rescheduled. That left Hanabi without a monthly income and an uncertain future. Hanabi sought alternatives, but with the pandemic spreading across the world, nothing was forthcoming. In dire need of money and aware that she was running out of time, Hanabi took her little savings and turned to the digital space.

Within no time, Hanabi discovered her passion for social media marketing and started developing a new career. She connected with people on Twitter and grew her professional network, which exposed her to more opportunities. That’s how she discovered cryptocurrency and its potential. As Hanabi’s Twitter account grew in popularity, so did the number of her followers, and with that came opportunities to change other people’s lives. Hanabi uses the lessons she learned from her personal journey to teach others about cryptocurrency and the opportunities in the industry. She also posts inspiring quotes for her audience, motivating them to remain consistent in their pursuit of success.

Now with over 300K followers on the platform, Hanabi is not only a Twitter influencer but also a contributor to charities. Hanabi loves to help people in need and empower those who’ve lost their jobs or require additional income. After achieving success as a social media marketer, Hanabi decided to give back to the community through constant giveaways on her platform, Hanabi @ GiveAwayHost. Anyone from anywhere in the world can take part.

Since Hanabi launched her account, she has helped thousands of individuals through their difficult times in word and deed. She has raised money for students and kids that need help to achieve different goals. Hanabi even paid for surgery for one beneficiary of a charity she chose. She is also a frequent collaborator and contributor to a nonprofit that helps people with long-term illness, the homeless, and calamity victims.

Consistency, perseverance, and transparency are the pillars of Hanabi’s career. In a world full of scams and shady people, she seeks to be a light illuminating other people’s paths and helping them achieve success. Hanabi admits that her progress was a byproduct of mentorship by other people, and that’s why she believes in always paying it forward. Her dream is to always help where she can and inspire more people to do the same.