Meet Jeff J Hunter: Top Staffing CEO With a Wealth of Knowledge


Your understanding of what customers want and what strategies you can use to reach your goals are some of the factors that help you run your business more efficiently, decreasing risks and ensuring you exploit opportunities to the fullest. This is what makes knowledge an important key to success, a theory proven by Jeff J Hunter.

Jeff is an author, an internet marketer, and a branding consultant. He is best known for his C.O.R.E branding method and VA Staffer, which is redefining remote working. Jeff Hunter is also a motivational speaker and the host of the popular podcast show “Savage Marketer Podcast,” where he discusses tips to help new-age CEOs grow their businesses.

Having worked in different fields, Jeff Hunter is leveraging the experience gained to help entrepreneurs and startups build and scale remote teams to dominate their brands.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the business world, and almost every service has moved online, explains Jeff Hunter. Social gatherings have also been banned to curb the spread, a move that led to many people working from their homes.

Jeff notes that while remote working has been there and it is not a new term, it’s not something most people are used to. The sudden change left many confused, and it is hard for business owners and directors to manage employees working in the comfort of their homes.

Through the Savage Marketer Podcast, Jeff interviews experts across multiple industries and more so those who have adopted remote working and are getting real results. He also shares tips for creating a winning virtual team that will help you grow your brand and cement your place in the industry.

Having a virtual team is a win-win for your business, and it creates the leverage you need to focus on long-term growth, says Jeff. However, this is only possible if you are all on the same page and have the right resources. In his book, VA Staffer, Jeff Hunter explains some of the factors to consider when creating a virtual team and sharing what he has learned so far.

As a remote team strategist who has worked with several virtual teams, Jeff Hunter is leveraging the skills gained to bring change to remote working and redefine the entrepreneurial space. He is helping new-age CEOs and founders grow their businesses with the help of virtual teams as he shares his knowledge with the rest of the world. Jeff is also helping business owners with their branding ensuring they tell the intended message perfectly.

No doubt, starting and running a successful venture is a complex process. We often encounter situations that require us to step out of our comfort zone or even team up with other experts in the field to find a better and long-lasting solution. While we can learn from our very own experiences, this is not the only teacher as you can also borrow a thing or two from the journey of others in the field. Jeff is using his wealth of knowledge to help fellow entrepreneurs and drive positive change in the industry.