Everything You Need to Know About CrowdFi


Crowdsourcing refers to work done by a group of people. The term “crowd” refers to the whole populace. This is a process where work is completed by a group of people, usually online. The concept behind crowdsourcing, derived from the words “crowd” and “outsourcing,” is to subcontract tasks to a range of online individuals.

The notion that “many brains are better than one” applies to crowdsourcing. Because the vast crowd contributes ideas, talents, and participation, superior content quality is produced. One can only expect high-quality results when many people contribute their best ideas, skills, and support. It can be the most comprehensive information source. It can be the most well-thought-out in terms of design.

It can be the most thorough in terms of microtasks. Crowdsourcing enables you to choose the best outcome from a pool of potential candidates rather than a single source. Because it is a type of freelancing, results can be produced faster than in conventional ways.

CrowdFi is one of the crowdsourcing brands that can help you leverage the concept of mass pooling to solve your puzzle. CrowdFi is an entirely decentralized platform as there is no limited liability company associated with the business. This implies that they aren’t tied to a tax structure or held liable in a country where they might be asked to confiscate a specific campaign because of political reasons.

The concept of CrowdFi was thought of after mainstream fundraising services in recent months started to try and control, deny, and even cut off funding to campaigns, especially in Canada. However, their developer already had a platform in the works to host decentralized campaigns without bias. From there, they were able to move relatively quickly and launch a fully fledged fundraising platform and their $CFI token.

The core CrowdFi team is fully doxed from the time of launch. Within the first 48 hours of launch, they were able to raise and donate $22,000 to Jason’s campaign. Jason is battling a rare form of leukemia, and his insurance does not cover his medical trials. Jason has been scammed in the past by people taking advantage of his cause to raise money, then taking everything and leaving him in the dust.

The CrowdFi team is comprised of former NHL player and multi-gold medalist Zach Boychuk, chartered global recording artist Kyle Fortch, and the main developer himself, Emir.

CrowdFi also wants to help as many people globally as possible, regardless of which side of a conflict they are on or political agenda. Anchored on the principle of impartiality, the CrowdFi team doesn’t judge but instead works with and helps everyone. People need help, and they are there to help everyone.

The CrowdFi team is also hosting campaigns to raise money for Ukrainian refugees and Australian flood victims. The objective is to help them during these tough times and raise funds to enable them to be self-sufficient again. In a nutshell, crowdsourcing helps companies work through a speedy, creative process by tapping into the worldwide universe of ideas, and that’s what CrowdFi seeks to deliver.