How NFT Project PRIVÉ Is Bringing Champagne to the Blockchain


Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most significant technologies for the 21st century. It’s a digital transaction ledger where it is recorded in every participant’s ledger, or blockchain, across a network of computers when a transaction takes place. Individual parties will find it difficult to influence the outcomes because of decentralized recordkeeping.

NFTs, the digital counterpart of collectibles, have produced more than $10 billion in just a few months. Though NFTs have been widely associated with the creative sector, other uncommon industries are turning to technology to better their industries. Luxury champagne and wine firms are the latest additions, with brands such the PRIVÉ SOCIÉTÉ already using digital assets to better their customer experience.

PRIVÉ SOCIÉTÉ NFT is a new global digital community that combines the digital and physical worlds. The community is a private membership club of entrepreneurs, investors, tastemakers, creators, and connoisseurs who receive a lifetime of benefits and networking opportunities through PRIVÉ NFT ownership.

The PRIVÉ SOCIÉTÉ NFT project was founded by Damon Nam, an experienced entrepreneur with over 23 years of experience as a technology executive and entrepreneur, including 17 years at Microsoft. Damon Nam has spent the last six years engaged in the emerging blockchain industry as a founder of Coin and advisor to HODLVERSE. This makes Damon Nam one of the most experienced and innovative developers.

Unlike many NFT projects in the industry that solely focus on static art, the PRIVÉ team is dedicated to combining the digital and physical worlds by merging art, lifestyle, community, and product to create a unique lifestyle ecosystem that extends beyond a JPEG image. They are launching a one-of-a-kind NFT collection using blockchain technology to help with membership authentication and supply chain tracking of PRIVÉ Réserve champagne.

PRIVÉ Réserve is brut champagne from France that combines modern technology with old-world craftsmanship. In collaboration with Frerejean Frères in Avize, France, PRIVÉ Réserve is handcrafted in small batches. Frerejean Frères creates award-winning champagnes and has been named the official champagne of the Michelin Guide for the past three years. PRIVÉ Réserve is the first spirit brand in the world to be powered by a global community of members, and special edition bottles will include art generated directly from their community.

Club membership includes access to the PRIVÉ network, PRIVÉ Réserve champagne, private global tastings and events, and much more. Metaverse partnerships, apparel and toys, and new product lines are all on their agenda. Members receive bottles of PRIVÉ RESERVE champagne annually, invitations to events like parties and private tastings, and access to an ever-increasing list of VIP benefits. Club membership is limited to less than ten thousand global members with access to ownership of PRIVÉ RÉSERVE champagne crafted in Avize, France.

PRIVÉ has plans to deliver more exciting advantages for members as the community grows. Spirits like rosé and cognac, toys, goods, and special lifestyle experiences are all part of it. Additional product lines and metaverse collaborations will be on PRIVÉ’s success roadmap in the future. The project’s future focus will be on value addition and new lifestyle activities. PRIVE hopes to thrive in this sector with such innovation, providing genuine value and increasing profits for members with each passing year.