Whitney Lockert and the Queens of the Desert

L.A.-based alt-country rocker Whitney Lockert told as about his Queens of the Stone Age at Coachella experience.


Although in his younger days he’d read about Queens of the Stone Age in some English music publications, singer/songwriter Whitney Lockert had never seen the desert rock band, which had formed in 1996. Lockert recently told Brett Callwood that when he finally saw QOTSA at Coachella some years ago, “I had no idea at the time that they had just finished recording what would become one of my all-time favorite albums, Songs For the Deaf [released in 2002].

Lockert found the band’s contradictions part of their appeal: “When they played ‘Song For the Dead,’ with its stop-start riffs and ridiculous drum fills, I remember thinking the outro was incredibly obnoxious, in the coolest way I’d ever heard.”

Lockert’s Long Way to California album is out now; you can read more about it and QOTSA in Callwood’s full story here.—VV editors

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