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Meet Neel Dhingra, the Marketing Genius for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals


Real estate stands out as one of the fastest growing and dynamic industries. It’s a sector with rapidly emerging market trends driven by ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences. As a result, real estate agents and mortgage officers must continually innovate and adapt to these trends to remain in business. “Developing practical and innovative marketing techniques will not only help you drive sales but also help you understand more about the market needs. This makes digital marketing an integral part of your marketing strategies,” says Neel Dhingra.

Neel Dhingra is a digital creator and a leading authority within the mortgage and real estate industry. As a business owner and creator, Neel recognized a gap in the market where significant corporations and marketing divisions were utterly ignorant of the quickly expanding digital content creation arena. He was driven by the desire to shed more light on the power of the digital content creation space to transform the real estate industry.

Neel began producing pertinent articles that informed readers about financial options and property ownership. He used content marketing across many media to grow his mortgage business by over 1000% in just three years. According to Neel, success is better driven and achieved when two like-minded individuals join forces. He has since collaborated with other key stakeholders on content creation with some of the most prominent names in marketing, emerging as a reliable source in a once stagnant sector.

“I focus on two things: bringing the most value with everything I do and leading by example. Everything I teach, I have actually implemented or have personal experience doing. This way, it’s not just theory, it’s based on evidence,” Neel explains.

Neel’s expertise and contribution to bettering the sector have earned him numerous industry recognition with honors as a top video influencer, including from top national coach Tom Ferry and industry software vendor Bomb Bomb. Neel also hosts the annual Forward Event in Las Vegas, NV, where 1000 real estate and mortgage professionals from all over the country learn the latest marketing trends.

Though on a noble course, Neel has also faced numerous challenges and hurdles. His biggest challenge was building an audience and getting people to notice and share his content. Getting speaking engagements was also a significant hurdle, especially in the industry’s early days.

“I thought to myself, what I can do today to bring value to the audience. How can I get better at communicating on video? And I kept putting in the reps daily. Eventually, people started to notice,” Neel explains.

He now advises other audiences to always put in the hard work and be patient with their big-picture goals. But at the same time, invest more time and other resources to ensure you move fast with the day-to-day execution.

Neel’s goal and dream are to expand and grow his social media presence to reach more people and teach them the vital things that are never taught in school or college. The mission is to continue impacting millennials on these topics through online video content and speaking at events.

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