A Crisp $20 Bill To Anyone Who Can Explain This New York Times Glo-Fi Chart, And What The Hell Sleigh Bells Are Doing On It


Listen: I find daffy, nigh-incomprehensible NYT indie-rock chart-maker Andrew Kuo an actually welcome addition to the Paper of Record, a nice undercurrent of candy-colored ludicrous surreality amid all the stuffiness. But this glo-fi thing today is a bridge too far: mass confusion, lame jokes (“Slowdive’s lawyer left a message: ‘You say tomato, we say shoegaze'”), totally uncalled-for Sleigh Bells japes, and… wait, Sleigh Bells are glo-fi? Not to get into a genre pissing match here, but as the publication that currently employs (as an intern) our nation’s foremost chillwave/glo-fi scholar, we call bullshit. Verily, this is the Lost finale of charticles.