Andrew Cuomo Accepts Democratic Nomination, Seals Up Whole “New York Governor” Thing


About an hour-ish ago, Andrew Cuomo accepted the New York State Democratic Party’s nomination to be the governor of New York, which, unless he’s caught with his dick in the ear of a hooker who once sold Joe Bruno a sub-prime mortgage, is a job he’ll have in six months.

Just like his dad. It’s a new day in government! Via NY1, Cuomo gave a speech about things like New Yorkers being pissed and scared, and noted education as “the biggest civil rights crisis” our state faces, and how he wants to bring “one hundred percent integrity and honor” to New York’s government, though that somehow didn’t start with him having the premises evacuated. Assuming there are no serious bumps in the road between now and November, is there really anything left to see here? Was there in the first place? More exciting is the race of who’s going to fill Cuomo’s old gig, especially since people on the other side of the aisle are ratcheting up the talk. If the attorney general contest becomes a game of who can smack down the idea of the gig being something of a national politics long-play by using Wall Street in their backyard to get anyone outside of New York to care about the office, it could turn into quite the delectable shitshow. Here’s hoping, because right now it looks like more of the same.