Best Synthetic Urine Kits: Review Of The Top 3 Fake Urine Brands 2023


Drug testing is still a serious problem if your job is covered by DOT (Department of Transport) laws. In this complete guide, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to use synthetic urine for a drug test.

Not only will I tell you what the best synthetic urine for a Concentra & LabCorp DOT drug test is, but also how those same fake urine products will pass a drug test, no matter what type you are facing.

These are the top three most complex and trustworthy synthetic urine brands on the market:

  1. Clear Choice Quick Luck Synthetic Urine – high complexity synthetic urine perfect for short-notice drug tests
  2. Clear Choice Sub Solution Urine Kit – complex synthetic urine that is the world bestseller
  3. Test Clear Powdered Urine – a mid-range price that still has the complexity to pass with confidence

Not only will you get detailed reviews of these highly trustworthy synthetic urine products, but I will also tell you the five worst fake urine kits that you should avoid.

All that, plus I’ll tell you exactly how to use fake pee to pass drug testing scrutiny, with personal top tips on keeping it within the correct temperature range and how to smuggle a fake sample in.

Detailed Review Of Best Synthetic Urine Kits  2023

Let’s now take a look in detail at the three top synthetic urine products I’ve just told you about.

Quick reviews, tell you exactly why they are bestsellers, and why they have the complexity and quality to get you through a drug test.

#1 Quick Luck – The absolute best synthetic urine for a modern drug test

Quick Luck is the most complex synthetic urine for sale anywhere in the world right now.

Will synthetic urine pass a DOT physical or another rigorous analysis? Yes, it certainly will and Quick Luck is one of the few brands capable of passing any level of scrutiny.

It’s actually an upgrade of Sub Solution, the bestselling fake urine from Clear Choice. Made by the same company, it’s another level up both in quality, and unfortunately also price (it retails at $100).

But what you’re getting with Quick Luck is premixed and ready-to-use synthetic urine kit, that’s high in complexity, looks like the real thing, and comes with heat activator powder to instantly get it within the correct temperature range.

These are the highlights of Quick Luck:

  • 14 chemicals found in urine
  • Looks, froths, and even smells like urine
  • Heat activator powder gives granular temperature control
  • Comes with pair of high-quality heat pads for extra temperature control
  • 3 fluid ounces size
  • Does not contain biocide preservatives

Reasons Quick Luck Is A Best Synthetic Urine Kit

Quick Luck is your best chance of passing because its traits are closest to those of real human urine.

First, it contains 14 chemicals found in urine. It will pass validity checks. These look for biocide preservatives, adulterants, the presence of creatinine, and things like that.

It also looks like urine. Not only that but it froths like actual human urine because it contains the same albumin that makes human urine froth.

Plus, it smells like urine. Believe me, some suspicious lab techs do a “sniff test” on suspicious samples before they send them to offer deeper analysis. Quick Luck will pass that where the cheap synthetic urine brands won’t.

Heating Method Reliability

The reason fake samples fail drug tests is often due to them being submitted it outside the correct temperature range, outside a range of between 90°F and 100°F. This is the only thing the person submitting the sample has control over.

Most fake urine brands use a heat pad. These are okay, but they kick out an often inconsistent level of heat and can fail by overheating the sample, or kicking out the heat early so it’s cold.

Quick Luck uses heating powder. Simply tap in about one-third just before you enter the building to submit your sample, and shake it gently until it dissolves. The heat activator powder will raise the temperature in about 60 seconds. Check the temperature strip and tap in a little more if needed, until it’s within the correct temperature range.

This is the reason why Quick Luck is so potent and worth the money. As well as the complexity, it also has a surefire method of keeping the temperature sample precise.

Quick Luck pros:

  • 14 chemicals found in urine
  • The most complex brand on the market
  • Looks, froths, and even smells like urine
  • Will pass standard lab validity checks
  • Premixed synthetic urine
  • Heat activator powder removes the problem of maintaining temperature
  • Also comes with high-quality heating pads for an additional heat source

Quick Luck cons:

  • Most expensive brand on the market at $100
  • May actually be overkill for basic drug testing (but not DOT level testing)

Click Here To Purchase Quick Luck

#2 Clear Choice Sub Solution – The Best Selling synthetic urine kit

Sub Solution is the number one selling powdered synthetic urine product on the market in the USA, and probably globally.

The reason is simple: it’s highly complex and affordable, and it uses heat activator powder to give you close control over the temperature sample.

Sub Solution will pass all standard drug testing with ease. It has a long track record of doing just that and is right up there as the best synthetic urine for Concentra and LabCorp DOT drug testing.

The only reason I placed it at number two behind Quick Luck is that it’s slightly less complex. Quick Luck is actually the big brother of Sub Solution. Both made by Clear Choice, they released Quick Luck to address one issue Sub Solution has: it’s a powdered urine kit, not a premixed liquid.

But unless you are facing on-the-spot drug testing, this is not an issue anyway. But the important thing is Sub Solution will pass pretty much any level of drug testing thrown at it.

These are the highlights of Sub Solution:

  • 11 chemicals found in human urine
  • Contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Balanced for ph. and specific gravity
  • Powdered synthetic urine kit
  • Looks, froths, and even smells like human urine
  • Heat activator powder is the game changing temperature controller

What Makes Sub Solution A Great Synthetic Urine Brand

Sub Solution has a long track record of passing drug tests. If you’re looking for reliable synthetic urine for sale, it has to be a serious consideration for you.

It’s complex enough to pass any level of drug test. Proven, with all the ingredients needed. It’s slightly cheaper than Quick Luck, costing $85. On the downside though, you will have to mix the fake urine powder with filtered water to hydrate it.

It looks, smells, and froths like urine. If you are using fake pee for a drug test, you’ll need it to look realistic, and smell realistic, just in case, it undergoes visual scrutiny because of the lab technician’s suspicion.

Plus, just like Quick Luck, Sub Solution contains a vial of heat activator powder. Tap in about one-third in just before you go in to submit your sample, shake it until it dissolves, and watch the temperature rise. Repeat if necessary to get a reading on the temperature strip.

It totally removes the need for a heat pad, hot water, or any other unreliable heat sources. It also means you don’t have to transport it within the correct temperature range either, you just use the heat activator powder right before you need it.

Sub Solution pros:

  • 11 chemicals found in human urine
  • Balanced for ph. and specific gravity
  • Contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Looks, froths, and smells like urine
  • Uses heat activator powder

Sub Solution cons:

  • Is expensive for some pockets
  • Has to be hydrated with filtered water

Click Here To Purchase Sub Solution Synthetic Urine.

#3 Test Clear Urine

Test Clear powdered urine is the best of the budget brands. It sits in that mid-price range sweet spot between Sub Solution synthetic urine and best-of-the-budget brands called Quick Fix.

I wouldn’t recommend you use a budget brand for modern drug tests, and I especially would not recommend you use a budget fake urine brand for a DOD drug test, especially not at a big lab like Concentra or LabCorp.

Test Clear powdered urine costs $50. Halfway between Sub Solution and the budget brand average price. You are getting really good quality urine for your money here.

These are the highlights of the Test Clear powdered urine kit:

  • Complex synthetic urine containing just enough basic chemicals
  • Contains urea, uric acid, creatinine
  • Balanced for ph. and specific gravity
  • Looks like natural urine
  • Comes with good quality heatpads

Reasons Test Clear Kit Is The Third On My List

I love you are getting a complex synthetic urine powder for just $50. Cheaper than Sub Solution, but almost as complex.

It also comes with a pair of high-quality and slim heatpads. They are both wrapped around the sample container once it’s been hydrated and warmed with a microwave, to kick out and even heat. Even if one fails, you still have the insurance policy of the other one working.

So overall, this is a budget synthetic piss brand that delivers complexity and reliability. It will pass standard drug testing, stuff like pre-employment tests, with ease.

But, on the downside, for a complex lab test, it’s not the best. It’s certainly not the best synthetic urine for Concentra & LabCorp DOD drug testing, nor is it what I would recommend as the synthetic urine to pass a DOD physical. Anything more serious than basic testing, with potentially advanced scrutiny, could mean you fail.

So, for general drug testing, I recommend this. But for important drug tests, I simply can’t recommend it. Can labs detect synthetic urine? Only if you allow them to, and submitting a slightly less complex fake urine sample lets them in the door.

 Test Clear Powdered Urine pros:

  • Highly complex for the price point
  • $50 is very affordable
  • Pair of heating pads offer insurance
  • Contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine
  • Balanced for ph. and specific gravity
  • Looks like urine

Test Clear urine cons:

  • Not as complex as Sub Solution or Quick Luck
  • Doesn’t use heat activator powder for guarantees on temperature
  • Doesn’t froth or smell like urine

Click Here To Purchase Testclear Powdered Urine

Ingredients That A High-Quality Synthetic Urine Must Contain

Now I’ve given you the lowdown on what the best synthetic urine kits are, let’s talk about the structure and content that makes them the best.

By explaining it, you can then see which is the best to make a great buying decision, or you can continue to look for the most appropriate fake pee for the drug test you are potentially facing.

At the minimum, synthetic urine kits need to have the following characteristics:

  • Must contain urea and uric acid
  • Has to contain the right amount of creatinine
  • Be balanced for ph. and specific gravity
  • Look like normal urine
  • Not contain biocide preservatives

On top of that, it has to come with a reliable heat source. Something that can maintain the temperature up until the point you submit it. Usually, that’s a heatpad, but these can fail.

That’s why the heat activator powder included with Quick Luck and Sub Solution is such a game changer. You don’t need to preheat the sample or transport it within the correct temperature range. You simply tap small amounts in until it raises the temperature to within the correct range.

But, as we are really talking about trying to find the best synthetic urine for DOD-level drug test, at a big lab like Concentra or LabCorp, then you need something more complex.

Validity tests may look for more than the basics of creatinine and the presence of any adulterating substances, like nitrates.

So, the more complex it is, and the easier to maintain the temperature it is, the more likely you are to pass without being detected.

What To Expect From A Concentra Or LabCorp Drug Test

When it comes to facing a DOT drug test, there are a few things to understand. The Department of Transport has specific criteria for the labs that do the testing (Concentra and LabCorp):

  • Can only be a urine sample drug test
  • HHS-certified lab testing only no rapid, instant, or point-of-contact testing
  • Must check for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, methamphetamines, phencyclidine

These drug tests are unobserved, which does give you the potential to smuggle urine in. They cannot physically search you, although they are allowed to pat you down non-intimately.

You’ll have to remove coats, bags, and hats, and empty your pockets. They will also get you to wash your hands to avoid contamination.

They use the eCup system. This is a cup that is prepared for immediate digital testing. It’s taken from you either by a person, or even put directly into the machine by you, where it is immediately passed through validity tests, and then the panel tests (reactive panels for both are on the cup).

If it’s negative then the sample is immediately destroyed by the machine, and the test results are immediately transmitted electronically to the person commissioning the test.

If it’s positive, it has to go for a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, of which the person commissioning the test will also be notified.

The Best Synthetic Urine Kits For Concentra & LabCorp DOT Drug Tests

Obviously, you’re looking for the smallest and most complex fake sample to submit. Will synthetic urine pass a DOD physical? Yes, as long as you are discreet and knowledgeable about the process.

The best synthetic urine kit must be complex, and it mustn’t be detected during the validity tests. They cannot be any suspicion around you, because it could prompt more scrutiny of the sample you hand over.

As long as you use Sub Solution or Quick Luck, validity testing isn’t a problem. They definitely don’t contain biocide preservatives (neither does the Test Clear urine), which is something the labs look for which rules out a lot of fake urine brands.

You also don’t want the bulk of the heatpad if possible. With the heat activator powder, there is no bulk, just a small, slim vial of synthetic urine for you to submit.

Obviously, you will dispose of the heat activator powder bottle after you have used it.

That’s why I recommend Quick Luck and Sub Solution as the best ways to pass any drug test, but definitely for the more advanced validity scrutiny before the test, and during the eCup instant analysis. You can purchase both Quick Luck and Sub Solution from the manufacturer’s webshop.

Avoid These Cheap Synthetic Urine Brands

To simplify your decision-making, I want to tell you about the cheap synthetic urine that won’t pass a complex drug test.

These brands won’t really work for a DOD–level drug test:

  • Quick Fix synthetic urine
  • U Pass
  • Magnum
  • Agent X
  • Xstream

The best of the bunch is Quick Fix 6.3. It does contain the basics of urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It doesn’t contain biocide, and it sort of looks like urine. It also has a reliable heat pad.

But, although that might get you through a cheap pre-employment drug test with dipstick validity testing and very little interest in, or scrutiny of, the sample, it’s not going to get you through the scrutiny of Department of Transport level urine testing.

  • Quick Luck is your best chance of passing
  • Sub Solution is your second-best chance of passing
  • Only go for Test Clear if you can’t get (or afford) Quick Luck or Sub Solution

Don’t Buy Fake Urine From General Marketplace Sites Like Amazon

Another mistake is buying a synthetic urine product from marketplace sites like eBay and Amazon. They simply do not sell any of the high-quality brands, which can only be bought from specialist retailers online.

Even worse, some people get confused by stuff like Code Blue Synthetic Buck Scent and similar.

These are extracted from deer, and there are lots of similar products. They are not designed for use in drug tests at all.

Similarly, you will see fetish urine for sale on sites like this, which doesn’t contain anything to pass a drug test with, and is only design and for the purposes the name suggests.

Top Tips For Using Fake Pee For A Drug Test

I hope this guide to using synthetic urine for Concentra and LabCorp DOD drug testing has been helpful.

What I’ve told you here really applies to any drug testing. Quality matters, and ensuring the temperature is correct is the only way you can genuinely influence the quality of the sample submitted.

So I want to finish here with a few top tips for getting that sample accepted:

  1. If you use a heat pads then make sure you take some hot water with you. Then you can pour the hot water on it to raise the temperature if it has cooled before you enter the building to submit your sample.
  2. The preference is to use heat activator powder. There should be enough included for you to test using water with Sub Solution and Quick Luck pre mixed synthetic urine prior to the day of your test. You could buy the “practice kit” from Clear Choice, which contains a vial of activator powder to test with.
  3. Make sure you can discreetly smuggle in the sample. Wear a couple of pairs of underwear, and tuck the sample in tightly. Make sure you can walk freely, that it’s not visible from any angle, and can be removed and replaced silently.
  4. You’ll want to wear baggy jogging bottoms in order to conceal the sample. With Sub Solution or Quick Luck, there is no heatpad attached, making the vial you have to smuggle in very easy to hide.

FAQs About Synthetic Urine

Will Synthetic Urine Pass A DOT Physical?

As long as you use the best synthetic urine brands you can get your hands on to pass a DOD physical, then you stand a great chance of passing.

They are unsupervised tests, so as long as you are sensible and smuggle it in intimately so you are not searched and you practice in advance opening the bottle, pouring it into the cup, and then discreetly and quietly hiding the bottle again, then you will have no problems.

The only time you will struggle is if the fake pee is poor quality, and is outside the correct temperature range and brackets between 90°F 100°F) or it is detected by the electronic validity testing.

What Happens If You Fail A DOT Physical Drug Test?

If you fail a DOT physical drug test then the person commissioning the test will instantly be notified.

The sample will then be sent for a full gas chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis. No fake urine will get you through that level of scrutiny.

If your urine sample fails the test, whether through being outside the human temperature range for urine, failing validity checks, failing advanced analysis, or failing for the presence of banned substances, then it will be reported to your employer and the federal agency. You will then lose your job.

Which urine drug test is most accurate?

Lab tests are definitely the most accurate tests.

Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine?

If you’re going to use fake pee for drug tests then you have to understand the risk of labs detecting the synthetic urine you submit.

When it comes to finding high-quality synthetic urine for sale, as you’ve now read, Quick Luck and Sub Solution are definitely good enough to pass high-level urine sample drug test procedures.

The only time you will come under scrutiny is if you compromise on any of the following:

  1. You use a heating pad without any plan for what happens if it goes wrong. Heating synthetic urine is the trickiest part, hat pads sometimes work, sometimes not, that’s why heat activator powder is a far better option.
  2. You do not smuggle it incorrectly. It must be intimately placed so it can’t be detected.
  3. The synthetic urine you submit isn’t complex enough to pass the validity checks it undergoes.

What Kind Of Urine Test Does LabCorp Use?

LabCorp uses panel drug tests and in some circumstances advanced and automated eCup testing. What kind of test they do will depend on the test that’s been commissioned, and your location.

For basic pre-employment drug testing, it’s more likely to be a simple panel drug test, where after testing the temperature and doing basic dipstick validity tests, the sample is then again dipstick tested against the relevant panels to see if they react.

Can Synthetic Urine Work For A Probation Drug Screen?

Synthetic urine can work for a probation drug test as long as they are not supervised. It’s almost impossible to submit a fake sample (even using prosthetics or fake urine belts) if it’s an observed test, even if only indirectly observed.

You are far better at using a detox drink in those circumstances. To learn more about detox drinks and detox pills, check out outlookindia’s drug testing guide.

However, if it’s an unsupervised drug test, where you are out of sight, then synthetic urine will definitely work for probation drug screen as long as it high-quality and submitted within the correct temperature range.

What Happens If Urine Is Not Warm Enough For Drug Test?

There’s no grey area on this, they will know instantly that you have submitted a synthetic urine sample if it’s not within the temperature range that human urine exits the body. You need to use synthetic urine kits like Sub Solution which employs heat activator powder to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Human urine has to be between 90°F and 100°F be legal and has exited the human body within two minutes of the sample being handed over. The only way to ensure your sample is within that temperature range is to use heat activator powder or a proper heating pad to get it there just before you go into the building to submit your sample.

What Kind Of Urine Tests Does The Military Use?

The military uses standard urine testing the same as in civilian life. There is no different procedure or type of testing in place.

Unless there is suspicion or another issue, it will be unsupervised. That means you can use synthetic urine to pass a military drug test in exactly the same way as you can civilian one.

You just have to make sure you use the highest quality synthetic urine kit Sub Solution (powdered urine) or Quick Luck (premixed synthetic urine) and that you submit it within the correct temperature range, which is easy with the heat activator powder that they include in the fake urine kits.

If you want to get clean permanently, I suggest you to combine natural detox with detox pills. You can read more about it on Deccan herald.

Can You Use 3 Day Old Urine Drug Test?

No, you cannot use three-day-old urine to pass a drug test. That applies whether it’s human urine, or you are using fake urine and the bottle has been open for three days, or powder has been mixed for three days.

Synthetic piss or real human urine will start to break down when air gets to it. At most, you will have 24 hours.

But, with human urine, it starts to deteriorate, even in a refrigerator, within just a few hours. My best advice is to use synthetic piss, mix it about 90 minutes before you leave, then get there fast and submit it. Why would you add more risk to the equation by using old urine?

How To Hide Synthetic Urine?

Drug tests are mostly unsupervised, which means you won’t be directly observed. The easiest way to hide synthetic urine is to keep it in your underwear. Another way is keeping the urine in a bladder bag, but if it’s unsupervised I wouldn’t bother with it.

Can a drug test tell if it’s synthetic?

No, if the synthetic urine kit you chose is high quality enough. Use Quick Luck And Sub Solution if you are serious about passing a drug test.

How To Use Synthetic Urine Belt?

You’ll only need to use a synthetic urine belt for a supervised drug test, otherwise, it’s a completely pointless complication.

It contains heat pads and urine, spread out around the belt so that it’s thin and discreet to wear around the waist. There is a tube dispensing tap, which you will open in a natural position to submit the synthetic urine sample.

It’s really important that you check if the test is supervised or unsupervised. Unsupervised drug testing is the vast majority of tests, and you should be notified in advance if it’s supervised.

If it’s unsupervised, simply submit a fake sample you have concealed on your person in a small container, without going through the additional steps, expenses, complications, and risks of using a synthetic urine belt. Make sure the urine temperature is correct before entering the testing room.

Can A Drug Test Tell If It’s Not Your Pee?

Yes, a drug test can tell it’s not your urine. But that will mean it’s detected certain traits about it.

Submitted outside the correct temperature range, containing things that it shouldn’t, or not containing what it should. Basically, everything looked for during the initial validity testing on the sample.

The simple way around this is to submit a high-quality synthetic urine brand that has been designed to mimic human urine in all aspects that are looked for in standard drug tests.

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