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Most of this city’s yoga studios purport to have created an engaged community, but at Loom Yoga Center you’ll know this is true before you set foot or forehead on a mat — just see the regulars chatting with each other and instructors as they strip off shoes and socks outside the cozy practice room. Chalk that up to the teachers, a confident group adept at creating a judgment-free environment via open-level vinyasa classes that accommodate all experience thresholds (and all comfort levels with spirituality within yoga practice, too — we have yet to be asked to chant). Beginners’ lessons here are helpful even to seasoned yogis looking to strengthen their foundations, and more advanced yogis will find their kin in intermediate sessions. The studio offers more than 30 classes per week, including meditation workshops and aerial Pilates. And once you’ve said your closing om, you can cross the hall for a massage.