Bubblemaps: Revolutionizing the Blockchain Space With Its Visually Pleasing Platform That Champions Transparency


Most people find the blockchain to be highly intimidating. After all, it involves complex terminologies and technical concepts that may confuse the common folk. As a result, many are discouraged from venturing into the space despite their interest in the promising industry. Cognizant of this, one trailblazing enterprise has created an intuitive solution that makes the experience more welcoming and easy, especially for newcomers: Bubblemaps.

The venture is reimagining blockchain data in a colorful and interactive way, making research more convenient and straightforward. Specifically, it utilizes unique and colorful bubbles that make on-chain data easy to understand. It is also the first supply auditing tool for DeFi tokens and NFTs. This out-of-the-box approach is a far cry from other providers that tend to provide figures in complex-looking graphs and tables, leading audiences to become overwhelmed with information.

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing interface, what makes Bubblemaps’ strategy so effective is rooted in scientific research. It has long been established that there are various ways in which people absorb new knowledge. The majority of the population, approximately 65%, are considered visual learners. These individuals retain details or information more effectively when given visual cues and communication—as such, supplying details in a captivating and engaging presentation allows for an easier way to interpret and peruse data.

Thoroughly explaining how it works, the project shared, “Bubblemaps showcases the top holders of a token as bubbles (one bubble = one wallet). When ETH, BNB, or FTM is transferred between those holders, their bubbles connect with links on the bubble map. This gives a very accurate representation of the token distribution!”

When asked what inspired them to create the revolutionary enterprise, its dynamic team proudly responded, “Our goal is to make blockchain data transparent, accessible, and playful. Blockchains are generating a constant stream of data. Understanding this information requires a comprehensive set of skills and the appropriate tools. Unfortunately, most available services only appeal to a technical user base.”

In keeping with its admirable objective, Bubblemaps has developed a user-friendly platform with valuable features. On top of that, it has shown an incredible commitment to its community by consistently delivering a stream of updates, integrations, news publications, partnerships, and announcements.

Because of its outstanding vision and execution, the venture has solidified its reputation as a rising industry authority. As a testament to this, it has recorded more than 120,000 unique visitors monthly. The enterprise has also been accepted into the first-ever Crypto.com Incubation Program. In addition, it is now live on FTM, with the official support of the Fantom Foundation.

Aside from these impressive accomplishments, more than 400 tokens announced their listings on Bubblemaps, which include 1inch, Paraswap, BlackPool, Beefy Finance, and Olympus. The platform is also available on the ETH and BNB chains.

With such a strong and notable debut, Bubblemaps will undoubtedly leave a significant mark on the blockchain industry. “Bubblemaps will become a new industry standard for crypto research and due diligence, used by all levels of investors for all major blockchains. Furthermore, we want to grow Bubblemaps into a competitive analytical dashboard for DeFi, powered by unique data visualizations. In order to achieve this vision, we are planning to fundraise in Q1 2023. Cronos and Fantom are officially endorsing Bubblemaps and willing to participate in our fundraising efforts,” the brand’s founders proudly shared.

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