Bullyville Has Taken Over Hunter Moore’s Is Anyone Up? (Updated)


As of noon EST, Hunter Moore’s revenge-porn site Is Anyone Up?, the subject of our recent cover story, has been shut down after being taken over by the website “Bullyville.” The letter below is what’s currently posted to the domain formerly known as Is Anyone Up: shuts down
Article by: Letter from founder Hunter Moore
April 19, 2012

From Hunter Moore

It’s been a little over a year from the first post on Is Anyone Up and its crazy to think that the few posts I did with my friends to get back at a few girls that broke our hearts would turn into what it did. I started the site with zero dollars, I had -$120 in my bank account and had to ask my mom for her credit card to pay for the $9 Server bill.

Running this site has been an uphill battle to say the least. From the Server Company’s bills to the lawyers taking people’s money promising they could get your images down to Facebook, PayPal, Live Nation, A Day to Remember and the countless others who tried to shut me down, beat me up or the girl who stabbed me and yet we are still here.

The site was started for the scene and I tried to keep it that way as long as I could by supporting bands and giving them reasonable prices on ad space. The bills were getting too insane and I had to turn to the porn game for extra money but it’s too shady and, in my opinion, it ruined the site. That and my appearance on Anderson Cooper didn’t help. The site was a blessing for me and still is, but I am burned out and I honestly can’t take another underage kid getting submitted and having to go through the process of reporting it and dealing with all the legal drama of that situation.

To everyone who got a tattoo, bought a shirt, wrote on your body, self-submitted or came to a party, I truly thank you for the support. Without your support, the site would not have been what it was. To all the girls who submitted those band guy’s and too all the guys who submitted the groupies, you made the Internet fun again. We Got #NBHNC trending on twitter, bands to make music videos about us and a lifetime ban for me on Facebook. Since we launched a year ago, we received over 500 million page views. Girls got naked of all sizes at the IAU parties; we did it from Canada to Vegas. You made it possible for me to have the best life and made me realize what people will do for a few extra friend requests & followers on twitter. I’ll miss a lot of things but mostly the community. I never got to take in everything while it was happening because it was going so fast even though there was drama and lots of tears and pissed off parents, I feel blessed and thankful for all of you who came here to support me. I’ve become friends with the founder of BullyVille, CupidVille, CheaterVille and KarmaVille and he helped me realize that my talents in the programming and social networking world could be channeled in a positive way and we spoke about ways to move on, which is ultimately what I’ve decided to do. I might do some writing on to help people who have been bullied; I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I am putting this message up on to stand up for underage bullying. I think it’s important that everyone realizes the damage that online bullying can cause. I would love to write everything here but I can’t. I’ll miss you all but once you’re on page 2 nobody cares anymore….”

I also have a new project at This will be all about me organizing parties that benefit different charities. These will be some of the largest and craziest parties you will ever see with a percentage of earnings going to a range of causes.


From Bullyville Founder:

I’d like to begin by commending Hunter Moore for having the courage to write this letter, knowing that he’s going to face a massive amount of negativity for doing so. I’ve known Hunter for quite some time now, and the fact of the matter is that he’s a very smart guy. While he has been misguided, he is very astute and socially observant. His ability to not only capture the attention of young people, but to spur them into action as well, is truly unique in an era where social media makes it so easy to be a passive consumer of information. After spending some time with him, Hunter realized that became the same exact bullying he created the site to retaliate against.

One of my companies,, is constantly accused of bullying. I disagree, as do the millions of people who use its free service. provides a public service to people by warning them about the narcissistic and predatory individuals who use online dating sites to find innocent victims. The dating market is a marketplace like any other, and it is improved by information – including data on people who claim they are single when they are in fact married, have kids, or in some instances, conceals an STD. I’m sure I will have to deal with public blowback just as much as Hunter will. But, I can sum up this ordeal quite simply: served no public good. That is why it is offline.

There are millions of women and men who are thankful that is no longer online. Lawyers and massive companies have tried unsuccessfully to remove it from the Internet. BullyVille was able to work with Hunter to get this done. Telling someone that they’re doing something wrong but refusing to help them make it right doesn’t solve anyone’s problem. Through cooperation though, the problem of is now solved. In its place, will exist to help people who are being bullied solve their problems through cooperation and thoughtfulness, rather than abuse.

Semper Fi.


**NOTICE** –, its parent ViaView Inc. and other corporate parents (the “Affiliates”) have purchased only the domain name , and did so in order to shut the site down and to put an end to its ignoble activities. We have not assumed any right, interest, ownership, control or responsibility for any content previously accessible or displayed on, and expressly disclaims the same. Do not submit photographs to us, as we disagree with the prior site’s business model, and flatly reject it. The views expressed in Hunter’s letter are solely those of the author and do not express the opinions or actions of, its Affiliates, counselors, employees, or principals.

There’s a lot more to come on this.

Update: Hunter Moore Tweets that it’s really over.