Cops Hunting BMW Bandit Who Stabbed Man and Put Him in Trunk


​​Remember the mutilated, unconscious Columbia University employee cops found in a BMW trunk while investigating a hit-and-run fender-bender on Wednesday? Turns out it was his car, and cops are now looking for his assailant, a 30-year-old man whom the New York Post has named the “Beemer Schemer” due to his prior arrests that twice involved trying to steal BMWs.

The victim, 33-year-old Akeem Ajimotokan, is a Nigerian immigrant from West New York, NJ. Police said he was trying to sell his 2008 BMW M3 on for $46,000, and that his attacker — Barion Blake — posed as a prospective buyer to try and swipe Ajimotokan’s ride.

The Post says Blake has prior arrests in Queens, Nassau, and Bergen counties “on car-theft charges that at least twice involved BMWs,” and that he’s served jail time in New York and four years in New Jersey.

Meanwhile, DNAInfo has a narrative of how cops believe the botched car theft went wrong:

The ex-con traveled to West New York early Wednesday morning carrying a stolen license plate from a Toyota Camry in Queens, sources say.

When the victim — wearing no socks or shoes — opened the door, Blake apparently went inside and they drafted a bill of sale.

But before money changed hands, the ex-con pounced — forcing Ajimotokan outside where he stabbed him, slammed him in the head with knife, nearly severing his ear and then dumping him into the trunk of his car, authorities believe.

The attacker then drove the BMW and his prey over the George Washington Bridge into Upper Manhattan.

But the BMW skidded on the slick, snow-covered roadway into the back of a taxi cab at the corner of Tenth Avenue and Dyckman St., just steps from Blake’s home, where the suspect jumped from the driver’s seat and fled.

Cops summoned by the angry cab driver spotted saw what they believed to be a bullet hole in the trunk and some droplets of blood. They quickly popped the trunk and made the grim discovery of the unconscious lawyer lying inside, with his ear dangling by a thread.

Slick, snow-covered roadways! They save lives!