The 10 Best Cosplay Onlyfans Creators of 2023


There’s a lot of ladies who love to dress up as their favorite heroines from the anime and gaming worlds. This is great, because most of those beautiful characters wear very little clothing, and most of the girls that love to dress up are super hot. When they decide to take their creations to Onlyfans, life only gets sweeter for everyone involved.

You’re not just looking for some sexy cosplay Onlyfans babes to drive you wild, though. You’ve asked for the best of them. The ones with a huge amount of skill, who can not only pull off the characters, but blow our minds while they do it. That’s no small task, but we managed to accomplish it for you.

The ladies we rounded up today are the best cosplay Onlyfans creators of 2023. Some choose to keep their content lewd, while others will go wild, and we make that clear when we highlight them. Either way, these girls have a special something they bring to the table that we couldn’t find elsewhere, and we think you’ll love our choices. Check out the top cosplay Onlyfans creators of 2023:

Best Cosplay OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Cosplay OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Top 10 Cosplay Onlyfans Models

Anri Okita – Bustiest Cosplayer


  • Over 3,000 Photos
  • Nearly 400 Videos


Where to Follow:


About Anri Okita:

Anri Okita is one of the bustiest cosplayers we’ve ever seen, and we’ve certainly researched our fair share – you know, for scientific purposes. Containing Anri’s huge jugs is a full-time job in and of itself, but when she’s not doing that, she’s creating some sensual nude art on her Onlyfans page.

While she’s not getting explicit, or engaging in strict pornography, you are going to see a gratuitous amount of skin in Anri’s work, and you certainly won’t be disappointed. She knows how to use her femininity and form to unhinge your jaw, and when she dresses up to impress, you’ll be impressed. This is why Anri is often considered one of the best cosplay Onlyfans creators in the business.

Storyteller Cosplay – Horniest Cosplayer


  • Over 7,000 Likes
  • 240 Posts
  • Lewd Content


Where to Follow:


About Storyteller Cosplay:

Storyteller Cosplay is a curvy entrepreneur who loves to dress up, and help others achieve their cosplay dreams as well. She came to Onlyfans because she does have a love of the risqué, and there’s only one place to embrace that love. You won’t see her naked, but her account is completely free to follow, and this girl has talent.

So much talent, in fact, that she has made some real money selling fantasy horns online for some time now. She creates them herself, and they’re really something special to behold. Support this lovely lady (Sophie) and check out her horny artwork to see what we mean.

Smile W Gray – Best Solo Content


  • Nearly 8,000 Likes
  • Over 1,000 Photos
  • Fully Nude Cosplay


Where to Follow:


About Smile W Gray:

For a hot minute, we thought Gray was her name, and she wanted us to smile with her. She does want that, but her first name is Smile, and W is her middle initial. Now that you know that, check out this Thai bombshell of a cosplayer. She’s a 29-year-old Onlyfans cosplay star who has no qualms stripping everything off and putting on an erotic show.

Smile loves to get off, especially while in costume, and she’s got a lot of wonderful toys to help her get the job done. You can check her out, her account is really affordable, and you can get it even cheaper with a long-term subscription discount. Smile is going to have you grinning from ear to ear.

Jess – Most Consistent Cosplayer


  • Over 4,000 Likes
  • Foot Fetish
  • Custom Requests


Where to Follow:


About Jess:

Jess is tall and lithe, and she loves to play dress up. No, she loves to cosplay, and she’s very good at it. She takes great pride in her ability to bring your favorite characters to life, and her passion shows in every salacious post. Jess gets lewd, but she’s not currently doing porn.

Jess provides weekly content, and if you want more, you can purchase extra stuff (past or present), or make some steamy requests. She’s happy to shoot foot fetish content, and do private or personalized cosplay or lingerie shoots. If you have ideas, she’s happy to try and make them come to life. Don’t miss this only fans cosplay cutie, as she’s too mouthwatering to pass by.


Shaye Rivers – Best Redheaded Cosplayer


  • 1.1 Million Likes
  • Nearly 5,000 Posts
  • Fully Nude Cosplay


Where to Follow:


About Shaye Rivers:

Shaye Rivers is the kind of cosplayer Onlyfans loves – the kind who gets naked, then cums often. Also, she’s very skilled at making some famous redheaded characters come to life. She’s skilled at many characters, but since Shaye is a natural redhead, she loves to specialize.

Shaye’s account is free to follow, which is wild for how erotic and mouth-watering she is. She sends out daily nudes, and loves to sell panties, create custom content, and even indulge in some steamy fetishes. If you like redheads with perfect tits, a love of dress up, and a lust for orgasms, then you better introduce yourself to the amazing Shaye Rivers.

Voezacos – Best Intimate Cosplayer


  • Almost 1,000 Photos
  • Fully Nude Cosplay


Where to Follow:


About Voezacos:

Erotic cosplay, or erocosplay, is exactly what you’re going to get when you subscribe to Veozacos. She loves to dress up, and has no problems with stripping it all off, and having a great naked time. Voezacos has some luscious curves that will ignite your wildest fantasies, and she is one amazing cosplayer to boot.

She posts daily, and whether she’s doing cosplay that day or not, has no trouble ensuring her contents are not safe for work. If you’re just looking for some juicy lewds, she has a free account for that. Otherwise, she’s posting with abandon, and even puts out a new pornographic video each month in the DMs. This is why she’s a top cosplay Onlyfans knockout.


Luxlo – Most Popular Lewds


  • 1.7 Million Likes
  • Nearly 1,000 Posts
  • Free Account


Where to Follow:


About Luxlo:

Luxlo is a delicious cosplaying cutie from up in Canada, and her long limbs and wry smile is going to melt your brain. She has a free cosplay Onlyfans account you should follow, where she posts daily lewd content. If you want even more, and provide her a sexy little tip, you’ll get some surprise lewds to call your own.

Luxlo loves to dress up and show off her skills. She’s got a huge amount of social media accounts where you can ogle her, but only one of them has her perfect ass so profoundly featured than her Onlyfans page.

SukiCherry – Curviest Cosplayer


  • Nearly 200 Posts
  • Over 3,000 Likes
  • Big Tits


Where to Follow:


About SukiCherry:

SukiCherry is an alluring Mexican babe from San Luis Potosi, and she’s been pushing the boundaries of her creativity through some sensual cosplay modeling. She loves to show off, and her fanbase has been growing steadily since she made the scene.

SukiCherry doesn’t speak much English, so unless you know Spanish, you might not be able to read her posts. Luckily, a hot photo needs no translation. For a great Onlyfan cosplay experience, check out SukiCherry.


Riiyuukii – Most Accomplished Cosplayer


  • Top 10% of Onlyfans creators
  • Subscription Bundles
  • Constantly Refreshed Wall


Where to Follow:


About Riiyuukii:

Riiyuukii threw off our features section by constantly deleting any of her wall posts that are thirty days old, meaning her numbers are super low, despite being in the top 10% of all Onlyfans creators worldwide. Take it from us, that means she is extremely popular, and considering she never gets fully naked, that’s truly impressive.

She posts daily, and loves to cosplay, create lewds, implied nudes, and some hot HD photosets. She loves to create, but to keep the feed fresh, she deletes the old stuff after thirty days, though I’m sure if you want a peek, she’d be happy to indulge. Check out one of the most accomplished Onlyfans cosplayers in the industry: Riiyuukii.


Hana Senpai – Sexiest Hentai Cosplayer


  • Over 250 Posts
  • Fully Nude Cosplayer


Where to Follow:


About Hana Senpai:

Hana Senpai is a South American beauty and a cosplay Onlyfan eroticist. When she’s not watching anime, or playing some great video games, (or posting to her thousand and one social media channels) she’s creating some licentious cosplay, all for you.

While Hana doesn’t come cheap, she does love to take her clothes off, and ride a thick cock, or cum hard. Heck, she likes doing that while her cosplay is still on as well. You can take advantage of her multiple-month subscription discounts, and send her messages to your heart’s content. Keep in mind, she speaks Spanish, not English, so you’ll want a translator. The naughty content she creates needs no translation, and you’ll love it.

Cosplay Onlyfans Models FAQ’s

When you need answers, we’re here for you.

Who are the best Onlyfans cosplay stars today?

For the best cosplayer Onlyfans action, check out the very gifted Anri Okita. Storyteller Cosplay and Smile W Gray shouldn’t be missed, nor should Jess (spiidermom) and Shaye Rivers. All of these ladies really know their stuff.

They’re not alone in their expertise. Voezacos and Luxlo are always down to titillate and wow their fans while dressed as their favorite anime characters, as is SukiCherry. Riiyuukii is extremely talented, and Hana Senpai knows exactly what she’s doing.

What do the top Onlyfans cosplay models make?

The average Onlyfans account brings in somewhere between nothing and maybe a thousand dollars each month. A lot of accounts are average, so keep in mind, these amounts have to include the inactive ones as well.

But you’re not asking about the average Onlyfans model, you’re asking about the best. Well, any creator in the top 10% makes thousands of dollars each month. Creators in the top 1% – such as Riiyuukii, likely makes a lot more than that. To be in the top 1% or better on Onlyfans means you’re likely earning five digits a month. Pretty impressive!

Which of the best cosplay Onlyfans models shouldn’t be missed?

If you love hot cosplay Onlyfans models – and you clearly do – then you won’t want to miss any of these amazing babes. Hana Senpai and SukiCherry are both amazing cosplayers, and while they don’t speak English, their work is truly impressive. Luxlo, Jess (spiidermom) and Storyteller Cosplay don’t get naked, but their lewds are bawdy and beautiful, and will put some pep in your step.

One of the most accomplished lewd cosplayers is Riiyuukii, who you’ll really want to see in action. She’s a major fan favorite. If you’re looking to see more skin, take a glance at Anri Okita, Smile Gray, Shaye Rivers, and Veozacos. They’ll ensure you have a happy ending.


Cosplay Onlyfans Conclusion:

When you crave the best cosplay Onlyfans has to offer, now you know where to turn. There’s many other notable cosplayers who deserve some time in the spotlight, but we had to narrow it down somehow, and these ladies have some serious skills.

We’ll keep looking for the next top cosplayers, but in the meantime, sit back and enjoy these ladies. Not only are they all great at portraying popular fantasy characters, but they all bring a special something to their Onlyfans account you just can’t find anywhere else.

For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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