The 10 Best Cuckold OnlyFans And Cuck OnlyFans Creators of 2023


We all have a bit of voyeur in us and if you’re on OnlyFans, you probably have a lot. The best cuckold OnlyFans are typically hot wives who specialize in giving you a show that involves the husband watching as she fucks other people with abandon. 

Onlyfans cuckold creators like to use language that’s intentionally demeaning toward their husbands. No worries, the humiliation is part of the appeal when it comes to the itch cuckold Only Fans aim to scratch. 

Here’s a list of our favorite OnlyFans cuckold creators on the platform. No doubt you’ll enjoy watching the degradation as much as the happy cuckold on the receiving end.

Best Cuckold OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Cuckold OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

  • Sahara Noir – Top Dom Cuckold Only Fans Creator
  • Jen – Best Blonde OnlyFans Cuck Creator
  • Susi – Top BBC Cuckold OnlyFans Model
  • Summer Lyn – Awesome MILF OnlyFans Cuck Creator
  • Agatha Lira – Brazilian Sex Goddess And Cuckold OnlyFans Model
  • Ember Snow – Best Asian Cuckhold OnlyFans
  • Becky Phoenix – Top Newbie Cuck OnlyFans Whisperer
  • Hotwife & Cuckold – Top Spanish Cuckold OnlyFans Couple
  • London Cuckold – Most Exciting Gay OnlyFans Cuck Team
  • Nikki – Sexiest Hot Wife Cuckold OnlyFans Freak


Top 10 Cuckold Hottest Onlyfans

#1. Sahara Noir – Top Dom Cuckold Only Fans Creator


  • FREE 30-day trial 
  • British Only Fans cuckold creator


Where to follow:


About Sahara Noir:

Sahara is as hot as the sand in the desert she took her name from. Just check out these curves! And yes, she definitely has a dark side. 

Fair warning: This is one helluva strong, dominant woman who caters to your every fetish .She’s one of the best OnlyFans cuck creators in the business.

Check her out with a free trial offer and get ready to be spanked, hard. No matter what, remember the correct answer is an enthusiastic “Yes, Mistress!”


#2. Jen – Best Blonde OnlyFans Cuck Creator


  • $15/month
  • Hails from Great Britain
  • 804K likes & 2.2K posts


Where to follow


About Jen:

Jen is a blonde British sexpot who likes cuckolding her partners while the object of her desire nuzzles her extraordinary breasts and ravishes her pussy. 

Not sharing this with the rest of the world would be a sin, so we understand why her husband would support her mission to become one of the hottest OnlyFans cuckold models. 

Check her out with a free trial offer and get ready to be spanked, hard. No matter what, remember the correct answer is an enthusiastic “Yes, Mistress!”

With 1.3K photos and 329 adult videos in stock, there’s lots to explore about Jen!


#3. Susi – Top BBC Cuckold OnlyFans Model


  • $13/month
  • Hails from Germany
  • 15K likes, 2K photos, and 295 ultra-hot videos


Where to follow:


About Susi:

Mann, ist die geil! Is there anything hotter than getting enslaved by a drop-dead gorgeous brunette with a German accent? We don’t think so!

This sizzling beauty likes to get her pussy filled by BBC while her SO meekly watches the creampie action. Bonus: Watch Susi get it on with her beautiful step-sister while her slaves can only drool! Trust us, she’s a cruel captor.

Susi offers regular exclusive photos and clips for her OnlyFans followers, along with live shows. 


#4. Summer Lyn – Awesome MILF OnlyFans Cuck Creator


  • $20/month
  • From Phoenix, AZ


Where to follow:


About Summer Lyn:

Don’t let those sky blue eyes fool you. This blonde bombshell is a badass boss bitch who loves to make her submissive cuck suffer. 

A fetish lover through and through, Summer Lyn describes herself as a phat ass white girl (PAWG) with a special penchant for sexy lingerie and boobies.

This super-hot cuckhold OnlyFans model produces a ton of content every week, so rest assured – you won’t get bored here!


#5. Agatha Lira – Brazilian Sex Goddess And Cuckold OnlyFans Model


  • $6/month
  • Hails from Brazil


Where to follow:


About Agatha:

In a world where a Brazilian chick who sucks at sex doesn’t exist, Agatha takes the cake and we’d like to elevate her to super sex goddess status. 

Agatha’s sidekick is a good little cuckold who watches her ride big dick, as quiet as a mouse, before she finally puts him out of his misery. The patient cuck gets his turn when he is finally allowed to put his own dick in her WAP, and she shares his predecessor’s still warm juices with him. 

Agatha’s videos are subtitled in English, so you’ll never miss a dirty word she breathes. 


#6. Ember Snow – Best Asian Cuckhold OnlyFans


  • $7.50/month
  • Hails from Brazil


Where to follow:


About Ember Snow:

With video titles like “Ember Snow Cuckolds Your Wife” and “Cuckolding You With Two Neighbor Boys”, we can guarantee this hot Asian pussy is a cuckold OnlyFans expert. Being horny 24/7 explains why this young lady twists between the sheets non-stop and needs more dick than her pathetic SO can fill her with. Of course, he needs to be punished for that and is relegated to the corner, left to cream into his pants. 

Her bargain pricing of $7.50 a month is a no-brainer, of course, and makes us love her even more. 


#7. Becky Phoenix – Top Newbie Cuck OnlyFans Whisperer


  • $5/month, limited time only
  • 16 posts


Where to follow:


About Becky Phoenix:

Who’s the cuck? YOU’re the cuck! 

Becky Phoenix is just barely getting her feet and pussy wet as an OnlyFans cuck creator and has a promising career ahead of her. Get in on the ground floor with this tasty temptress and jerk off by her side as she explores your wildest dreams, her own secret desires, and the barbaric world of cuckold OnlyFans. 

Already she promises “an immersive cuck experience like you’ve never seen before,” including fan favorites like SPH, JOI, pegging, and so much more. She’ll cuck you with boys. She’ll cuck you with girls. As long as she gets to cuck!

Becky says she loves to educate, humiliate, and create cuckolds. Are you her next challenge?


#8. Hotwife & Cuckold – Top Spanish Cuckold OnlyFans Couple


  • $5/month
  • Hails from Spain


Where to follow:


About Hotwife & Cuckold:

Meet this exciting swinger couple – one a hot wife who is mighty proud of her huge ass(ets), the other a wimpy cuckold. In fact, according to Hotwife, he’s the biggest cuckold in all of Europe. 

Psst – insider tip: Hotwife sells her undies for you to smell, feel, and rub your cock against. Yep, you can stick her in your pocket to keep her close by wherever you go. 

Hotwife’s menu also features delicious custom content and tasty one-on-one video calls. 


#9. London Cuckold – Most Exciting Gay OnlyFans Cuck Team


  • $9/month
  • Hails from England


Where to follow:


About London Cuckold:

London Cuckold is a poor English chap who was relegated to capturing his cheating boyfriend’s sexcapades on video. Oh, the humiliation! 

Imagine the restraint it must take to hold the camera steady as his BF’s massive dick pounds another man’s ass and you’re not allowed to jump in to join the action. It’s torture, pure and simple. London Cuckold OnlyFans promises real documentary-type footage instead of actors playing out roles. 

Did we mention the boyfriend is hung? Drool-worthy. Come jump on this cuck wagon!


#10. Nikki – Sexiest Hot Wife Cuckold OnlyFans Freak


  • $6/month
  • Location unknown – some unicorn forest, somewhere


Where to follow:


About Nikki:

Hot damn! We don’t believe in a whole lot of things but we now believe in unicorns. Nikki has and does about everything you could possibly wish for, and then some. She’s the perfect package. 

Aside from her sexy hot looks, this girl offers a menu the size of Texas. We suspect that’s where she must be from (since supposedly everything is bigger and, some might argue, better there), although she doesn’t say. It’s what unicorns do. They’re secretive and mysterious, but ever so amazing.

What we can say for certain is that she cucks her husband with beefy, hung guys who tear up her ass and make her juices erupt like lava. And, she sells her panties as a keepsake. All you gotta do is ask. 

Hail to the unicorn. Hail to Nikki!


The Best Cuckold OnlyFans FAQ’s

Q: What does the BBC in BBC Cuckold OnlyFans stand for? 

A: BBC stands for Big Black Cock. Not every OnlyFans performer likes their pussy or ass being pounded into the ground by a BBC, but quite a few do. If you’d like to find OnlyFans cuckold creators – or any creator, for that matter – with a love for big AF dick, head over to 

Just enter “BBC” into the search bar there and see what pops out. 

Q: What does the SPH stand for in one of the OnlyFans cuck model’s descriptions?

A: SPH is the acronym for Small Penis Humiliation. This is an example of sexual masochism or sadomasochism. The degrading language and resulting humiliation is a major turn-on for some people. Interestingly, it is often a fetish with highly successful people. Hey, we all need someone to make us more humble from time to time. 

Q: What the hell does JOI stand for then? Some cuckold OnlyFans creators apparently offer this unusual version of joy.

A: JOI is short for Jerk-Off Instructions. These detailed instructions on how to stroke yourself while watching the model perform on camera can come in video format or as a live session. It is a form of submissive sex play where the model is in control of the audience’s actions and the viewer gets off on the creator’s voice, dirty talk, and dominance. 


Cuckold OnlyFans in Conclusion

Cuckolding is a very special kind of sex play that requires discipline to keep emotions and impulses in check, and consequently a lot of trust, especially on the cuckold’s part. Being the cuck can be very rewarding, however, when the sexual build-up can finally, finally be released by shooting a motherload.  

For many people who like to act the part of cuck, the verbal degradation and physical humiliation is part of the excitement. 

On, you can discover dozens of cuckhold OnlyFans creators who give hell to their cucks on camera, with the cuckold out of view, or by making YOU the object of their complete and utter dominance. 

Curious? There’s no better time than now to check out Only Fans cuckold creators.

For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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