Daily Flog: Future mortgaged; balloon payment due; either Obama, McCain on hook


Obama‘s stock keeps rising on the InTrade prediction market. This morning, he’s trading at 89.7, up 1.2, while McCain‘s trading at 11, down 1.2. Think of it as percentages — nearly 90 percent of hundreds of thousands of predictors trading over a million shares see an Obama victory.

But no matter what happens tomorrow, at least one of them will take over for George W. Bush, whose disinterested moronism is the last thing the planet needs to combat the financial crisis.

Ill-prepared for his responsibilities, Bush mortgaged our future, and now we’re facing the balloon payment.

The latest of many Bush gaffes occurred last month, according to reports out of Australia and the U.K.

Passing without much notice in the U.S. press was this Bush blunder, according to the Times (U.K.) — which incidentally is a Murdoch paper:

‘Australian PM under fire over alleged Bush gaffe leak’

A conversation between the Australian Prime Minister [Kevin Rudd] and out-going US president George W. Bush has threatened to turn into a diplomatic row between the two countries, after details of the private chat were leaked to the Australian media.

During a pre-arranged phone call between the two leaders, held during a dinner party at the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence on the evening of October 10, Mr Bush and Mr Rudd discussed the G-7 plan for a co-ordinated response to the world financial markets crisis.

As Mr Rudd argued plans to resolve the global financial turmoil should include Asian countries and should therefore be discussed at a summit of the broader G-20 grouping, Mr Bush asked the Australian leader: “What’s the G-20?”, according to The Australian newspaper.

The details of the conversation have since been denied by both leaders. However foreign diplomatic sources told Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph newspaper that their Washington counterparts were “gobsmacked” at the leak of details of such a phone call.

You can’t spell “dumb” without “duh” (except for the “h”).

Neither McCain nor Obama is that stupid. In fact, Bush will go down in history as the country’s dumbest, most unaware president.

Hoover was smart; Washington and Eisenhower were generals; Truman and Harding were adept local pols; Reagan was an actor, but he had been immersed in Hollywood politics in the ’40s, which counted for something. Bush was none of that, just a rich, unsuccessful kid. At least he could have displayed some noblesse oblige, but he didn’t have one iota of that. The people around him were smart enough to take advantage of his inadequacies and push their own agendas. And the rest was hysteria.

Thanks in large part to de facto U.S. CEO Dick Cheney — for details, see David Bromwich‘s New York Review of Books piece “The Co-President.”

Exactly how did we get to this situation? I dare the Bush people to release Bush’s daily diary — dare them. Take a look at Harry Truman‘s diary, or Ike‘s or any other president’s.

We’ll never see anything but a heavily bowdlerized version of Bush’s. And if we do, it will have been written by his staff. The odds are that Bush himself, unlike other presidents, didn’t even keep a daily diary.

Once things settle down after tomorrow’s vote, check out snippets of Truman’s diary or LBJ’s diary. You’ll see some warts, but at least there’s substance.

We can only hope that Bush’s handlers were as paranoid as Nixon and thus bugged the Oval Office — not that we’ll ever get our hands on any Bush tapes.

After that last lick at Bush — OK, maybe it won’t be the last, because his list of pardons is sure to be as astonishing as Clinton’s — it’s time to move on to other topics . . .


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“Since 1999, Cheney had been one of a group of political tutors of Bush, including Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz; in this company, Bush found Cheney especially congenial — not least his way of asserting his influence without ever stealing a scene. Bush, too, resembled Cheney in preferring to let others speak, but he lacked the mind and patience for discussions: virtues that Cheney possessed in abundance.”


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