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Dancers Can’t Rescue Choreography Not Ready for the Big Time


Adrienne Celeste Fadjo, who opened her concert with the solo Enough, is a lovely, long-limbed young woman of the blonde persuasion. She moves with more fluency and force than her delicate features would lead you to expect. Her choreography, alas, is unsophisticated— ingenuous, even. Almost tried, unconvincingly, to make its three ladies in black lace look bold and bad. In the Company of Women, a quartet, had something or other to say about how nastily the female of the species can behave in sisterly situations. But while some of the dancers outclassed their material, the overall impression was that of work not yet at a professional level. Home, the new—and most ambitious—dance on the program, incorporated guys, characters representing three generations, and a terrific set by Jennie Traill Schaeffer. It showed signs of genuine feeling, too, but was still deficient in the combination of craft and imagination that makes a dance soar.