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Did You Know CBD Works For Birds Too?


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Most people who have pets treat them as part of the family, and shower them with love and attention every chance they get. If you have a pet, then it is imperative that you give it the right kinds of nutrition and exercise at all times, so that it can live a healthy and happy life.

Now for some, the mention of pets may bring to mind just cats and dogs, but there’s also another kind of pet that people love to have – birds. A person raising a bird would normally keep it in a cage, which means it would be more reliant on the owner for all its needs. A lot of bird owners are using CBD these days to let their little champs stay in homeostasis.

The Importance Of CBD To Wellbeing

Every complex living body has something called the endocannabinoid system, comprising a high number of cells acting as neurotransmitters. These are responsible for managing pains and aches. When you fall ill the state of homeostasis is lost, and this is when people and animals become prone to physical pain, deterioration and even trauma.

CBD has a similar makeup to that of the natural endocannabinoids found in the body, and has the ability to work as a substitute to aid the proper functioning of the endocannabinoid system. A person taking pure CBD oil can stay healthy and happy because of this.

Giving CBD Oil To Birds

Birds living in the wild get naturally attracted to hemp seeds, owing to the latter’s high fat and fiber concentrations. Tamed birds on the other hand lack access to the same, which means the levels of nourishment differ between the two. CBD oil can be a good substitute, and it can be derived from either the hemp or the cannabis plant. In doses of pure hemp oil, there will also be residual fat present. In this way, home-reared birds can get the same kind of nutrition as their wild counterparts.

Is It Safe?

Good-quality CBD oil is one of the best health remedies you can give to people and animals. That said, the treatment should be customized to each person for the best results. Maybe your bird can take well from getting regular doses, but you’d need to be aware of any side effects that your particular species of bird may develop. The best way forward is to consult your vet before you start giving the bird any CBD.

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