Don’t Text & Walk! Here’s an Intentionally Terrible PSA from a Brooklyn Comedy Duo


It’s illegal to use your cell phone while driving in New York (there are exceptions), and the latest video by Brooklyn comedy duo Bobo Touch makes a good case for outlawing texting while walking, too:

As Bobo Touch, Bay Ridge natives Brian Bonz and Mike Rizzo do their best satirize new Williamsburg residents who move to the Very Cool Brooklyn Neighborhood.

“Somebody who moved to the city and is very just entitled and snobby,” Bonz clarifies.

The video also broadly comments on the changed face of Williamsburg, as the condos along the East River have blocked out much of the Manhattan skyline, and Bedford Avenue institutions like Spike Hill close, while Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks open.

“We are Brooklyn natives and we’ve seen the city change and different neighborhoods change,” Bonz adds.

The video is the latest by the duo who offer “tips for the counterculture” on their website. In February they released a music video about subway etiquette that coincided with the MTA’s public crackdown on manspreading and showtime dancing, among other quality of life infractions:

Rizzo says he’s batting around ideas with Bonz for the next video, which might be about terrible landlords.