Dunedin of the North


I listened to most of the Yankees-Jays game on GameDay this afternoon; they played in Dunedin, which always sounds to me like a kingdom or race from Lord of the Rings. Wasn’t Aragorn from there or something?

Anyway, the Jeff Karstens bandwagon hit a pothole today, as he gave up 4 runs in 6 hits in four-plus innings. You can’t read too much into 4 innings… but Karstens may have had to be just about perfect to unseat Igawa or Pavano.Still, you can bet he’ll be the first guy called up if any of the Yankee starters is injured.

Do you like how I refrained from mentioning which starter, in particular, might be likely to be injured? I thought that showed a lot of restraint.

Poor Doug Mientkiewicz got his second hit of the spring — he’s now at .077, which is doing nothing to ease Yankee fans’ fears about his offensive prowess. I mean, he’s never going to be a great hitter, but he’s certainly not this bad. Hopefully he snaps out of it soon, because I didn’t memorize the spelling of that last name for nothing, god damn it.