Life Beyond the Gay Norm: Michael Warner asks, “Proud of what?”—and finds an answer; Patrick Califia-Rice tells what happens when two transgendered men have a baby; Richard Goldstein explores the wonderful world of military chasers; Dodie Bellamy mixes it up, marrying a gay man; Kai Wright goes in search of homo Harlem; Eileen Myles is an unregenerate punk at age 50; Bruce Benderson travels to Romania to find happiness in the closet; and Philip Guichard hammers out a queer teen’s manifesto: Older men, lay off me!

Disruptions by Michael Warner

In the Age of Alterity, the Rainbow is not Enuf.

Family Values by Patrick Califia-Rice

Two Dads With a Difference—Neither of Us Was Born Male

Semper Fey by Richard Goldstein

Men Who Love Military Men Too Much—And the Sailors Who Oblige Them

My Mixed Marriage by Dodie Bellamy

Can a Woman Find Passion and Partnership With a Gay Man? Believe It!

Dangerous Liaison by Bruce Benderson

Happiness Is Living in Secret With a Man Who Doesn’t Consider Himself Gay

I Hate Older Men by Philip Guichard

Lay Off Me! I’m a Boy, Not Your Toy, and I Want To Be With Another Boy

My Intergeneration by Eileen Myles

For Lesbians, Age Counts Less Than Attitude. At 50, I’m a Non-Recovering Punk.

Up From RuPaul by Kai Wright

In Search of Homo Harlem—and a New Black Gay Reality