FEMA’s Revamped Flood Maps Add Thousands Of NYC Homes To Danger Zone


Looks like this is the first step of the post-Sandy future preparations.

Yesterday, FEMA released an updated version of flood maps for New York City; most notably, in the boroughs of Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn. The gesture is a sign that the City needs to start thinking about what it can do to prevent another superstorm from wreaking as much havoc as what we saw after Sandy. In total, 35,000 households have been added to ‘in trouble’ section.

These additions will have to adjust appropriately to their new placements – this means new insurance rates and zoning rules will take effect. Also, it’s assumed that those rebuilding properties will be asked to add a few feet to construction for safety reasons. If not, they’ll face higher insurance rates in wake of whatever’s coming next to New York.

Let us hope that these preparations start off on the right foot.

You can check out all the FEMA’s new map here.