Five Tacos Offers Some Taco Redemption


After yesterday’s sham of a taco lunch, we decided to venture out and find ourselves some tacos worth eating. Fortunately, we were successful in our quest, chowing down at the recently opened Five Tacos, a sister eatery to next door’s Ten Degrees, located on the easternmost block of St. Marks Place.

As the name would suggest, the narrow, white-tiled eatery specializes in tacos prepared with one of five fillings: chicken, pulled pork, chorizo, ground beef, or veggies. Made with relatively large flour tortillas, each goes for $3.67 and comes topped with shredded lettuce, corn, cheese, and salsa. Should you be in the mood for more fusiony tacos, you can squirt on sauces in the following flavors: tequila chipotle mayo, hickory bourbon BBQ, spicy coconut masala, and super hot habanero jerk.

We preferred the juicy, tender pork to the spicier ground chorizo, but both were tasty and well seasoned. Portions ran fairly large, and we filled up after a taco and a half. The spot’s definitely more Tex-Mex than Mex-Mex, but not a bad option for a quick lunch or dinner should you be trolling for cheap eats in the East Village.

The five fillings can also be added to burritos for $7.35 or to quesadillas for $5.97, so we opted for a chicken quesadilla. Warm and gooey, it’s not gourmet grub, but basically all the happy unhealthiness you’re looking for when you want to devour a vehicle for melted cheese. Or are just in need of some fish-taco redemption.