Get Kottu House’s Namesake Dish on the Cheap During Lunch


Have you ever taken all the ingredients in your fridge and fried them together? That’s almost the idea behind kottu, but the result is far more flavorful and cohesive than your previous endeavors with leftovers. Try the Sri Lankan specialty at Kottu House (250 Broome Street, 646-781-9222). The L.E.S. street food spot offers its namesake dish in a $10 “Lunch Party” deal that’s sure to fill you up.

Similar to a fried-rice scramble, but without the rice, kottu is a hodgepodge of protein, veggies, and abundant spice. The dish incorporates godhamba roti (Sri Lankan flatbread), chopped up into springy little squares, stir-fried with everything else. Here, owner Chelaka Gunamuni and his mother, Sandya De Silva, serve variations ranging from the traditional — like the classic chicken in clove-spiked black curry and a tofu “blast” with the same black curry as well as coconut milk — to the globally creative, such as the “Little Italy,” with chicken sausage, tomato sauce, and red chiles.

Normally, these flavorful little bowls start at $7 (small) and run to $12 (large). For the lunch deal, ten bucks gets you a choice of one of the aforementioned kottu (as well as the “Garden,” with tomato sauce, red chiles, and fried eggplant) along with a soda and a “Short Eats” option, including lentil patties served with a minty sambal, Sri Lankan fish (salmon) fritters, and South Asian fries covered with paprika and Sri Lankan chile powder.

The deal is offered on weekdays only, from 12 to 4 p.m., for both sit-down and takeout. Gluten-free and vegan options are available.