Get Plucked


Want golden arches? Not McDonald’s, silly. We’re referring to a well-defined brow that frames your face just right. Almost every woman we know has at one point or another ended up with scraggly eyebrows because of an overzealous esthetician or their own amateur hand. We’re guilty too. We’ve waxed (ouch, too harsh on the delicate eye area), threaded (unsanitary, that string is in someone’s mouth), and shaved (OK, it was a seventh-grade mishap), and finally realized that tweezing is the best bet. Though it takes a bit longer than other hair removal methods, it’s more precise, allowing you to remove only what you want to sculpt the perfect arch.

For those in need of a tweezing lesson or a complete overhaul, the best place to start is with a professional brow-shaping. Duffy Neuberger (or “Duffy the Eyebrow Slayer,” as her fans call her) has joined the expert team at Three Custom Color (212.730.8828) where she grooms brows using a combination of tweezing and trimming. Duffy’s Signature Brow Consultation ($50) is a 30-minute session certain to reform your careless plucking habit. Some tweezer-happy clients have even been drafted into brow boot camp and forbidden to tweeze between visits. As an added service, Three Custom Color can blend an eyebrow powder or gel to coordinate with your hair color ($36.50).

DIY types who prefer to take care of their own upkeep can do so with expert tools from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which has come to New York by way of Sephora (Fifth Avenue and Times Square locations). The Hollywood brow-specialist-to-the-stars (clients include Madonna and Oprah) now offers a seven-piece kit ($85) containing everything you need to create perfect arches, including tweezers and a set of brow stencils. Ladies with thin wispy brows will rejoice. Simply choose the stencil that aligns with your face, fill in your arches, and then get rid of any strays for an instant makeover.

Once your brows are sculpted to flawlessness, Alcone’s Perfect Eyebrow Kit ($33) is the ideal set to help with maintenance, holding everything you need to preserve your newly fashioned arches: powder, brush, sealant, and goof-proof diagrams. Note: Use caution when handling the “twissor,” a combination scissors/tweezers contraption found in the kit. If you go overboard, you may end up with Pam Anderson-esque anorexic brows. Those who don’t want to chance it may have to leave it to the professionals.