Getting to Know Live at the Pyramids, the New Williamsburg Venue that Hosted Eternal Summers, Family Trees, and Reading Rainbow Last Night


Bathrooms at DIY clubs are notoriously nasty — as they should be. The Market Hotel? There’s rarely any toilet paper, the stall doors don’t close, and the stench of urine is enough to make you forget you have to go at all. Silent Barn? Conditions are a bit better. Monster Island’s bathrooms are actually OK. That’s why the restroom experience last night at a new space in Williamsburg, Live at the Pyramids (also known as South 1st Studios and formerly known as Glasshouse), was so pleasantly jarring. There have only been a few shows so far, so cleanliness was a given. But tampons, candles and hand sanitizer? Above and beyond.

Eternal Summers was the highlight of the evening, playing older as well as newer songs off the soon to be released debut LP on Kanine Records. Nicole Yun and Daniel Kundiff make up the Roanoke, VA duo, and they pack a serious punch into short, strict songs:

Reading Rainbow, from Philly, a band that released a split with Eternal Summers last year, is another pop duo. Sarah Eee’s on drums and Rob Gee’s on guitar: