Giuliani All Up In State GOP Power Struggle


Republicans were spreading the word today that Rudolph Giuliani was going to support state Republican chairman Joe Mondello for another term in charge of the GOP, against the challenges of Ed Cox and Henry Wojtaszek. But Liz Benjamin had heard things differently: Giuliani, she’d been told, was going to tell Mondello to step away, as Cox was quickly sewing up the country leaders and Mondello had no chance.

This afternoon Modello announced he wouldn’t stand for reelection, and would focus instead on “my first love,” the Nassau County Republican Committee, which he also serves as chairman.

Now Benjamin says the former Mayor has aides “working the phones” for Wojtaszek — though Politics on the Hudson this morning had the Rockland County GOP chairman saying Wojtaszek probably wouldn’t run.

We know even less than we’re letting on about the internecine struggles of the state Republican party. But it isn’t it interesting how active Giuliani has been in them — especially since he’s also been presenting himself as a non-candidate for state office?