Good News For the Nets’ Move to Brooklyn?


I’ve been so baseball-centric I only just discovered that Isiah Thomas’ contract has been extended by James Dolan.

I have mixed feelings about this. I still don’t think Thomas is much of a GM (though I do owe him an apology on the Eddy Curry trade, which seems not to have been half bad, after all). As a coach, he’s certainly an improvement over the grisly Shakespearean tragedy of last season — but it says a lot about how low Knicks fans’ expectations are at this point that “preventing your players from quitting on you” seems like an impressive achievement.

I guess the truth is I’m still not sure how good the Knicks really are this season; they’ve been completely schizophrenic. And how much of the fault lies with the coach? Are they underachieving or overachieving? I can’t tell anymore.

Meanwhile, the Nets actually won a game! Woot! The team is dismal this year, sure, but Mikki Moore, of all people, has turned out to be completely awesome. Who knew?