Here Are the Top Ten Locations for Parking Tickets in New York


Forget driving — finding parking in New York City is its own special level of hell.

Sometimes you just need to grab your dry cleaning real quick…who cares if you’re in a yellow zone? Maybe you just need to pick up a prescription…no one’s going to mind that much if you double-park, right? By that little orange envelope nestled underneath your windshield wiper, you can tell the City of New York has a thing or two to say about it.

In fact, parking enforcement had 10 million problems with your shitty parking job last year. That’s right — 10 million tickets were given out last year.

The folks at RentHop have compiled data from NYC Open Data and determined which were the worst neighborhoods in which to park your car from October 1, 2014, to September 30, 2015…and the top ten places in New York you’re likely to find one of those pesky fines waiting for you. So don’t park (illegally) at any of these places — you’ll probably get a ticket.

And here are the top ten most-ticketed locations in all of New York City:

10. Bridge Dry Cleaners
Address: 204 Livingston Street, Brooklyn
Tickets given: 1,759 tickets

9. Verizon Wire Center
Address: 82-23 Broadway, Queens
Tickets given: 1,788 tickets

8. North Shore LIJ Medical Group
Address: 95-25 Queens Boulevard, Rego Park
Tickets given: 1,901

7. Richmond University Medical Center
Address: 355 Bard Avenue, Staten Island
Tickets given: 2,022

6. 101-99 Warren Condo Complex and Shopping Center
Address: 99 Warren Street, Manhattan
Tickets given: 2,049

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5. Manhattan Fruit Exchange, Chelsea Market
Address: 448 West 16th Street, Manhattan
Tickets given: 2,239

4. The Packer Collegiate Institute
Address: 170 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn
Tickets given: 2,335

3. New York Presbyterian Hospital Employee Housing
Address: 1330 First Avenue, Manhattan
Tickets given: 2,866

2. MetroTech Center, BellTell Lofts
Address: 365 Bridge Street, Brooklyn
Tickets given: 3,374

1. Staten Island Mall
Address: 2655 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island
Tickets given: 4,668 tickets