How to Ask a Girl Out


These days, being a “Gigachad” is slowly becoming somewhat of utmost importance in terms of how men should be viewed in society. But one of the most “Sigma Male” moves out there is to still know how to ask a girl out — and how to sincerely and politely do it. Don’t worry, it’s not a “Simp” thing to do! It’s human nature to be interested in a person!

How to Ask a Girl Out When You’re Dealing With These Scenarios:

How to ask a girl out when you’re shy

Shyness is perhaps one of the most common reasons why guys find it difficult to “shoot their shot.” It may be easy to tell a person to “not be shy” but it’s easier said than done! Some guys are insecure, some detest eye contact, and others are just unprepared for how their bodies would react if they get rejected. Fortunately, we have the technology to back us up in times like this — when it’s just simply too difficult to talk about things in person; especially when it involves asking a girl out on a date! If a face-to-face conversation is overwhelming, ask her out via text, instant messaging apps, or a phone call.

You can even go the old-school way — give her a handwritten letter. If you want to wow her, add a single rose (or a whole bouquet!) along with your note. If she has a sweet tooth, give her some chocolates also! If you truly can’t stand the interaction that might transpire, you can leave it at her desk when she’s not around!

How to ask a girl out when you’re broke

Everyone wants to be someone’s “best date ever.” And whenever we want to impress someone (or be impressed by a person), we typically think of fancy dinners and expensive wine. But in reality, not every guy can afford to do that! Furthermore, one must also know that it’s not the kind of date every woman wants! The truth in the saying that “it’s the thought that counts” is that women would more likely enjoy the date if you invite them somewhere they actually like going to.

That said, if you don’t have the budget to suit up and take a girl out to an expensive restaurant, you can opt to invite her to a picnic in the park. If she doesn’t mind hiking or going for a walk (or jogging), there are also parks with breathtaking views that you and your date can enjoy. Movie nights are also a classic way to get close to each other — and it doesn’t have to be in a movie theater. Learn which movie genres she’s into and find interesting ones to watch (with her) on Netflix! If she appreciates artistry or history, you guys can visit museums — don’t view bougie dates as the only type of date you guys can enjoy!

How to ask a girl out when you live at home

Living at home or with your parents has always had an awful stigma around it. People who live with their parents have always been viewed to be “unstable” in more ways than one; oftentimes, however, they’re viewed to be financially unstable. Luckily, since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people started moving back to their parents’ houses. Mainly because of the almost unaffordable housing costs. According to Laurel House, a dating coach, “Beyond the pandemic, it’s now a cultural norm for singles and even couples to live with their parents.”

Laurel House also added that there’s no shame in living with your parents. If anything, it’s an honorable thing to do. The relationship expert added, “There is honor in living with your parents if you are taking care of your parents. Though it might not always feel convenient to have your parents in your space, the fact that you are taking care of them is honorable, admirable, meaningful, and respected.”

Thus, if you’re asking a girl to go out with you, and the topic of where you live comes up, you can tell her right away that you’re still at home with your parents. But be prepared also for a girl to see your living conditions to be a turn-off — not everyone will understand your situation.

How to ask a girl out when you work nights

At some point, every working person has uttered the lines “sorry, I can’t. I’m busy.” But sometimes, that person can be you! If you’re a graveyard employee, it can get difficult to ask a girl out on a date because while everyone is sleeping, you’re out there hustling — and there are times that one of those who could be sleeping soundly at night is the girl that you like!

Even if you find it in your schedule to squeeze in a date with a girl after your night shift, it’s the establishments that are closed! Fortunately, we have parks and beaches that are ready to give you the best view of the sunrise — and that’s one romantic date idea you can ask a girl to take a glimpse of with you.

Another morning date idea is going to places that open early in the morning — like the farmer’s market, yoga studios, or cafés. If you think the girl you want to ask out would be interested in those, you can hit her up by asking her to grab coffee with you.


Romantic dates are not dead! As long as you know how to ask a girl out in simple but creative ways, you can still keep your spot in the “Sigma Male” community. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult to find a potential partner because many opt to stay single for various reasons. And sometimes, there are guys who simply opt to not ask a girl out on a date due to insecurity, shyness, conflict of schedule, and many more — but if you truly want to ask her out, shoot your shot by doing some of the things we listed!

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