How to Be


Some have said that in the new lauded indie comedy How to Be, actor Robert Pattinson strays from the roles we’ve seen him in—but we suppose anything aside from channeling James Dean as the blood-sucking vampire in Twilight would be a departure. In the film, Pattinson plays Art, a young, misguided (i.e., terrible) musician/poet in the midst of a nervous breakdown after his girlfriend dumps him, forcing him to move back in with his parents. To lift himself out of his depressed state, he enlists a self-help guru to get him back on track. Tonight’s midnight screening will be introduced by writer-director Oliver Irving, composer Joe Hastings, and actors Mike Pearce and Johnny White. Sadly, we hear Pattinson won’t be there—after all, IFC wouldn’t want to call in the riot squad.

Sat., April 25, midnight; Sun., April 26, midnight, 2009