Scottish indie rockers Belle & Sebastian are filibustering between albums on this tour, since their next scheduled release is a compilation of B-sides and rarities. But the lack of a promotional agenda is certainly nothing to complain about, since the band’s recent concerts have found them playing lengthy, career-spanning sets, including a few never-before-played B-sides like the instrumental “Judy Is a Dickslap.” The band’s ability to transform a song with a title like that into something poppy is what keeps attracting fans. After all, were it not for frontman Stuart Murdoch’s charming brogue, a song like 2004 single “I’m a Cuckoo”—which would reek of classic-rock overindulgence in the hands of any other band (it even contains a tongue-in-cheek Thin Lizzy homage)—might not have become a whimsical concert favorite. Their secret weapon is Murdoch’s ebullience, and they’ve found an equally excitable and unpredictable band to open for them: like-minded indie-rockers Yo La Tengo.

Thu., July 11, 7 p.m., 2013