Jurassic 5


The six-piece hip-hop outfit takes it back to the concrete streets, their “playground tactics” eternally youthful as the group coasts effortlessly into middle age. After disbanding in 2006, Jurassic 5 has reunited for a world tour. In May, they released their first single in eight years, “The Way We Do It,” a low-key confection produced by Heavy D, seemingly from the grave. They always pack a syncopated punch, but The Good Life Cafe, the group’s pacifistic South Central birthplace, skirted the ’90s coastal turf wars, and their whimsically positive rhymes, the self-proclaimed lyrical equivalent of calamine lotion, have defined J5 as hip-hop’s Pollyannas. With Dilated Peoples and Beat Junkies.

Sat., Aug. 2, 8 p.m., 2014