Manhattan Art Scene’s Newest Star: Shaquille O’Neal


Watch your ass, Larry Gagosian. Not only can Shaquille O’Neal dunk on you, but he knows Shaq Fu as well. Also, he’s apparently taking in the art scene in Manhattan these days, having curated a show called “Size Matters.” In other words: competition.

The cumulative effect is predictably cringe-worthy, but then again, kinda whimsical. Mind you, this is the same city whose art scene cares about a guy who puts stickers on things, so Shaq appropriating it for his own use shouldn’t bother anyone too much. A VICE reporter’s account of “me and a bunch of other asshole reporters [getting] an in-depth tour of the art show he curated at the Flag Gallery” is probably the best perspective with which to enjoy this post-modern (or not) shitshow. Paul Pierce curating the next New Museum generational can’t be far off, etc, etc. Also, yet another thing the Knicks are worthless for.