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Mehran Rowshan’s Alliance Football Club is Leading the Female Sports Industry in Dubai


The face of global sporting is rapidly changing thanks to the widespread campaigns championing women’s participation in sports. The rise of strong women personalities in sports has also been a significant boost in women’s achievements and recognition in sports. Notable female athletes, such as Serena Williams, Katie Taylor, Mary Kom, Naomi Osaka, and Alex Morgan have brought women’s sports to the forefront due, in part, by media coverage and fans’ enthusiasm. These global superstars in their respective fields have significantly shaped and paved the way for more women to join the sports world to show the world what they can do.

More significantly, private organizations are coming on board to support women’s involvement in sports. There are quite a number of them, but the Alliance Football Club in Dubai is leading the way in bringing more women to the sports arena. The Middle East, in general, is known for being a bit skeptical when it comes to women’s involvement in sports, and it’s just incredible to have a women-centered sports club in the region. Alliance Football club has football development programs for both boys and girls aged 3 years and older.

Alliance Football Club was established in 2015 by the legendary football coach, youth mentor, and environmentalist Mehran Rowshan. Mehran founded the club with a core belief of focusing on the bigger picture of personal development for young athletes. His focus was also on empowering girls and women through sports by providing them with a platform for nurturing their talents. The Multiple FA certified football coach serves as the sporting director and head coach at Alliance Football, where he offers equal opportunities to both genders.

Mehran has hired several women to help him in coaching, giving them a chance to thrive and lead the Alliance Football Club’s programs. Mehran also shares with them his unique training methods and ethically driven initiatives that are essential to building a more determined and empathic future generation. This has resulted in the Alliance Football Club being recognized as one of the leading clubs in the female sports industry in Dubai.

Being a youth mentor, Mehran also offers life coaching sessions to young boys and girls. It’s a Youth Mentorship program, where he seeks to mentor the young talents at a more personal level. His goal is to help them develop and enhance their thinking skills to grow strong characters.

Mehran believes that youngsters, both boys and girls, need exceptional guidance and, more importantly, a confidant to talk to. Many things are happening in the modern world, and these young people need someone to help them build their identities. His goal is to build a more confident, revolutionary, considerate, and empathic future generation of leaders.

A passionate environmentalist, Mehran has also guided Alliance Sports Club to become the first eco-friendly club in the Middle East.

In over six years, Alliance Football Club has risen to become a top sports club in the region. They were recently awarded the Middle East’s Sports Leader of the Year in 2020 at the Sports Industry Awards (SPIA).

Mehran is now looking forward to a more promising future. He wants to continue reaching and mentoring more young people to help them be successful and learn to be leaders in their communities.

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